AMIENS SC – Philippe Hinschberger: “This season has been tiring”

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Before the last home game of the season, Philippe Hinschberger was in a press conference. And he gave an overview of the issues of the moment, well beyond the weekend meeting.

  1. Bong (Zungu, ed) is out. For the rest, apart from Diakhaby, they are all available.
  2. Tomorrow I will put the best team of the moment. I want to win this last home game, climb the rankings, show something different from the last few games. I expect a complete match, in attitude, in behavior.
  3. Engage players from recent disappointing matches : It’s possible. But after the bad game in Le Havre, Dunkerque, it was better in the mood, Grenoble, we have a first half out of two in good order.
  4. A difficult game awaits us against a solid Paris which, even if it does not have the same influence as in the dead of winter, remains a formidable team.
  5. Motivation for all? I no longer dare to say too much in advance. I couldn’t understand that it was otherwise. We worked as usual. All the lights are green to play a good game, I expect it to be, I don’t dare imagine it isn’t.
  6. I want it to be over as soon as possible : Yes, because for two months it is painful, it is always beatings, inappropriate behavior, it is embarrassing. It’s not my way of doing things, I prefer to work with mutual trust, but there were too many anomalies. This season has been grueling. Among the top 3 where we do not go on, the winter where you row to get out of the last places and now we end up a bit in the water compared to our average performances. It was quite tiring every day to direct, we’re there to focus on the green rectangle, not the police. Sometimes we had to raise our voices. You adapt to what you have in front of you, it is the behavior of the players that has brought me out of my comfort zone. I’m kind enough, accommodating, but I don’t regret any decisions because they were justified.
  7. Broken links with some players : Yes, it is also my doing, there are guys who are no longer in the group because they pulled too hard and therefore went too far to rejoin the group. I would always prefer those with normal behavior. When I have two guys in the same position, if I have one who sucks (sic), who is late, who does not struggle, the other one who plays.
  8. First season in which he encounters such problems : A lot, yes. After, a group of professional footballers is always special in daily management because you have many moods, moods, egos, frustrations of people who do not play. It is the interest of a small group, the more players you have, the more problems you have (sic).
  9. We will be leaving next season with a much smaller group. If not everyone will be there at the second half, it will be fine, we have planned that not everyone will be there at the second half. The club has to anticipate the players whose return I don’t want, there are players who are not expected. Guys like Mathis (Lachuer, ed), like Doums (Fofana, ed), we have to make room for them. They have to play two, three times more than this year
  10. Adama (Diakhaby, ed) was one of the key players in the preparation, then he was there when we lost the first 3 games, he has quality but lacks efficiency and doesn’t go back to this year. I am calm in my shoes with him, he has lost his opportunities to raise.
  11. Nicola Opoku : We are counting on him next year so we have to put him on the line, it’s important that he plays. I found that his recovery was difficult, there was a mental plug that could not pass, mental, in the contact, in the impacts. Today he finds speed, impact, vivacity.

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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