Indiana Jones Explorer of Modern Times, an unmissable treasure

The famous archaeologist is honored in an extensive work by Romain Dasnoy, which takes stock of the character’s research.

In 1981 film buffs discovered in front of Steven Spielberg’s camera an archaeologist as brilliant as he was intrepid, ready to do anything to find the illustrious Ark of the Covenant. Having become a monument of pop culture, Indiana Jones is one of those heroes who have rocked several generations and who have prompted many followers to become archaeologists. The hero is now the protagonist of a book: Indiana Jones Explorer of yesteryear.

Much more than a tribute to the saga, an analysis of humanity and history

Under the aegis of the Third Editions, the book is the work of Romain Dasnoy, for whom pop culture has no secrets. Founder of Wayô Records and Overlook Events, he is also the designer and producer of the official concerts of Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya and Tribute to John Williams. Fascinated by the relationship between music and storytelling, Dasnoy signed in particular The Story of Final Fantasy VI (2017), The guide to soundtrack composers (2017) or even The Red Dead saga: revenge, honor and redemption (2020). The one who is also YouTuber this time is interested in the most famous of archaeologists in a vast work that promises to reveal all the little secrets of him.

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As the back cover indicates, Indiana Jones Explorer of yesteryear it’s not just an occasion to celebrate this ” quintessence of entertainment cinema “ what is the saga imagined by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. The idea is also to understand how this American archaeologist alone symbolizes the culmination of several centuries of adventures and a humanity in search of its lost landmarks.

A man beyond history

For those who have settled for the Harrison Ford movies, Romain Dasnoy’s book lifts many veils on the character’s history and personality. We learn, for example, how Henry Jones Junior’s childhood unfolded, from his father’s trip around the world to meeting some big names like Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lorenzo of Arabia) or Howard Carter. This discovery of different countries and civilizations was fundamental in the construction of the boy who was then only nine years old.

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Divided into several “books”, this true Bible allows any fan to shine in society, as the analysis around the character is complete. After a first part that serves as a biography, the second returns to the creation of the hero by Spielberg (about to resurrect another cult film) and Lucas. How the two filmmakers imagined the character, how they fought to complete this project and the immediate success of the saga are all steps taken with care and precision, like the work as a whole.

The world of Indiana Jones and all its secrets finally deciphered

Much more than a simple encyclopedia listing the places and characters of each film, Indiana Jones Explorer of yesteryear he enjoys analyzing the slightest element of the saga, cult like Star Wars Where The Godfather. From music (a theme dear to the author) to Indy’s love for women, passing through the main role of the helpers, the book meticulously digs to reveal the smallest facet of the character. Even the villains, with Nazism at the top that Indiana Jones fights for most of his adventures, are entitled to their own chapter. Of course, Romain Dasnoy does not fail to dedicate several pages to Harrison Ford, an inseparable interpreter from the archaeologist since 1981 in the cinema. Expected for years and normally scheduled for 2023, the fifth episode directed by James Mangold will be the opportunity for the actor to say goodbye to one of the most significant roles in his filmography. Waiting for this Indiana Jones 5you can’t help but devour this book, thinking of John Williams’ essential music.

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