Lot. For a happy ecological transition, a new festival in Figeac

Faced with disturbing information on the impact of human activity on the planet and its future, this new “Happy Transition Celebration”, organized from 7 to 15 May 2022 in Figeac, offers a positive and collective approach, inviting everyone to act, young and old. Many topics such as permaculture will be discussed. (© Wikimedia Commons)

A group of citizens of the living area of Figeacof all ages, urban and rural, created the “Happy Transition Day” in order to inform and provide courses of action in order to achieve success ecological transition necessary for a sustainable future.

the third place Les 3Lthe L’Arrosoir associative coffee, FreezersL’fireflies associationand their partners will organize this event for the whole family from 7 to 15 May 2022.

A positive approach to the ecological transition

Collectively and happily, this group has chosen to provide the keys to early action by integrating small gestures and more global projects. The organizers expect a large audience from this festival, invited to participate in the very different activities proposed during the week: events and workshops, shows, walks, conferences, activities for children, debates, film screenings, site visits, musical moments. .. is something for everyone and for all tastes.

Several private and associative stakeholders are involved in this festival: @Com Expertise, Déclam ‘, Les Enjoués, Astrolabe, the Quality of Life association, Syded, the Foyers Rurales, the Union of the median basin Célé-Lot, the federative wheel , Grounding, Cultures of Tomorrow, Kasspa, Buissonniers Paths and many others.

The poster of the 1st “Happy Transition Festival” in Figeac.
The poster of the 1st “Happy Transition Festival” in Figeac. (© DR)

In the festival program

Three exhibitions are proposed as a leitmotif: “Oil, is it good or bad” and “Children and nature” at L’Arrosoir; “All eco-responsible and united”, presented by the Quality of Life association at the Salle Balène from 9 to 19 May. Everyone is invited to participate in a collaborative map of transition initiatives, a participatory co-creation of a mobile on happy transition (curated by Piment Blanc), as well as the challenge “The deposit, let’s say yes!” “.

From Saturday 7 May to Sunday 15 May, the festival offers a rich program with walks to discover wild plants (7 May), Figeac by night (10 May), the site of the Prize de Terre in Cayrols (12 May), the garden permacultural shared by the Cultures des Demains association in Bouyssou (13 May) or by the botanical environment around Figeac (15 May).

Several workshops are offered to create a cool climate, cleaning products and zero waste, think about your project, measure your carbon footprint (May 10), learn about permaculture, make spring bark whistles, shop in the free pop-up shop (May 11) or write about a happy transition (May 13), discover Low tech (May 14).

Video: currently on Actu

Time for reflection on the program on the themes of deurbanization (May 8), “Beings in transition: the living question us” in the presence of director Francois Stuck (film debate at the Astrolabe – May 9), the digital sobriety (May 10), theecology view from parents and children, health prevention and natural methods, thefood autonomy (May 11), theeco-anxiety (May 12), or plastic pollution (by Senator Angèle Préville / May 13 – Salle Balène).

From the Shows for adults and children animate this festival as “Jardin d’amour” and “Dis papa, are the cooked hoods” (May 7), recital “Kora and guitar” (May 11), meeting with Captain Alexandre (May 12). There are also moments of conviviality with the shared picnic (May 9), in the afternoon and evening of board games on the theme of ecology (May 12), the cafeteria, the Freego solidarity party (May 13).

A just transition initiatives settles in rue d’Aujou (May 14) with workshops to build or renovate using natural materials, make Tawashi sponges, a Syded information stand, an interactive exhibition “toys and nature”, a talk and reflections on autonomy and resilience, to conclude with a recital of Kora and guitar, followed by a blind aperitif with green songs.


All the information and news of the festival to be discovered online at www.les-3L.fr, on social networks (Facebook) and on the local radio Antenne d’Oc (88.1 FM / at 10:00 and 17:30)

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