Prostitution: A small sex placement network of dismantled girls in Libreville

This Wednesday, at the beginning of the day, the Directorate General for Research (DGR, gendarmerie) dismantled a network for the sexual placement of girls in the capital of Gabon. The alleged pimp was immediately introduced to the prosecutor. The gendarmes had to pretend to be clients to arrest 5 girls who were members of this sex network in Libreville.

Christian Allogo Ekho, a Gabonese man in his forties, aka “Mackerel” as he is called in the world of prostitution, was just caught red-handed by elements of the DGR in Libreville on 4 May. According to the investigators, it all started with the diffusion on social networks (WhatsApp groups) of a sex tape that the alleged pimp made without his girlfriend’s knowledge.

A sextape at the origin of the arrest

In this, we don’t see the two lovebirds fucking. Unhappy with the disclosure of these footage by her boyfriend without her consent, Christian’s girlfriend has decided to file a complaint with the research services, for violation of privacy. To unearth the figurehead, they pretended to be potential customers attracted by the freshest meat. It is from there that the vase of roses was discovered.

Christian Allogo Ekho, the mackerel of this investment network

Blocked, the alleged pimp denies nothing. ” We were in many sex groups. What, there are people who post pictures. I was in contact with men and women. It’s true we made mistakes, but I’ve shown good faith in the process of catching some of the girls “, Explains Christian Allogo Ekho, the alleged pimp of the Gabon 1 antennas. Faced with their responsibilities, several girls were arrested.

Various reasons

I used to do it but now I don’t do it anymore. I had to pay for my son’s school and his father had already returned to Nigeria. I am renting and I have no one to give me the money so if someone calls me I leave “Testified one of the 5 girls arrested. To close the business, some have preferred to find parades so as not to leave feathers there. ” When I arrived here (at the DGR, ed), I was told that they had found my number in the placements. I explained to them that I don’t care. I have a sister who has traveled and I was using her chip “Argues another.

A real master stroke for the DGR and its team. Those guilty of his acts incur heavy penalties. The author of the contract is punished with a prison term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to 20 million. Worse still, the exploitation of prostitution is punished with 15 years of criminal imprisonment and a maximum of 100 million when committed on a minor under the age of eighteen or in an organized gang, the Gabonese penal code provides.

A national phenomenon

However, what should be remembered is that: it is a phenomenon that is developing on a large scale in Libreville, Port-Gentil, Lambaréné and in the other cities of Gabon. It is spreading in particular thanks to digital through Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups. These are simply sexual services in which the client establishes a free connection with the administrator of the placement group, with a view to paid sexual services. All this, depending on the geographical location of the customers.

It must be said that before the service, the customer is forced to pay by mobile transfer, a certain amount of money to be able to bring the catalog of the girls. What is required in advance. In this, the age varies between 15 and 30 years. There are no beauty criteria in all of its formulas. An informal sector that regulates itself under the nose and beard of the country’s highest authorities. customers are simply ministers, CEOs of companies, students and many others who are taking part in this dramatic rise of prostitution in the country.

Worse still, in these sexual pleasure groups, clients sometimes seek pleasure with men or women as well. Everyone finds her account in this case. The problem that these networks often involve minors makes urgent the intervention of the judicial authorities to eradicate this phenomenon that is taking hold in Gabonese society due to the great precariousness that reigns in the country, forcing some to exercise the oldest profession in the world to get by.

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