The gynecologist and the midwife put two guys on A. Cissé’s stomach to get the baby out, who will end up in cardiac arrest.

This Thursday, May 5, 2022, the day of the trial of Astou Sokhna, who died in the maternity ward of the Louga hospital due to medical negligence, another case almost similar to her case was tried in the corrective chamber of the Tribunal de Grande Authority in Dakar.

In September 2015, the plaintiff lawyer, Me Dramé, filed a legal action against the Nabil Choucair health center in Patte D’oie for a case of manslaughter. In fact, after her birth, Signora Aminata Cissé confided to her mother that two companions came to sit on her belly to let her baby out. Subsequently, her baby died and her lips were swollen. A few days later, Signora Aminata Cissé will give up the ghost. The sex certificate will show pulmonary heart failure due to uterine rupture. The investigation led to the arrest of Marième Guèye and doctor Nadia Atinouke Tchevidimi Maliki Raimi, respectively obstetrician and gynecologist at the Nabil Choucair health center.

Before the court, the actor, Amsatou Diallo, the lady’s husband, explains that that day he took his wife to the hospital around 6 am. He specifies that when he left the house the deceased had already begun labor. “When we got to the health center, the reception midwives took care of her and suggested that I wait for her. After a few hours they came to tell me that the baby is dead, but the mother is alive. My wife has been following her antenatal visits regularly. She was followed up in a health facility located in Parcelles health care. When my mother-in-law came to see me, she told me that her daughter had confided to her that her boys were climbing on her tummy to get the baby out. This is why she had a rupture of the uterus, “she says.

Statements corroborated by the victim’s mother answering the name of Fatoumata Mbaye. She will say: “It was around 8 in the morning that I learned that my daughter had been taken to the Nabil Choucair health center. “I went to the place. I wanted to go in, but the midwives refused. Moments later, I pushed myself and saw my daughter in a sorry state with swollen lips. During her antenatal visits to her, the midwives had clearly told her that she could not give birth normally. She had to undergo surgery instead, given the size of her baby. On her hospital bed, she begged me to get her out of this hospital, because she nearly lost her life. This is how my daughter told me that two outside guards climbed onto her tummy to let the baby out, because the baby was stuck.

When questioned about the facts, the midwife Marème Guèye, who appeared alone in front of the bar in the absence of the gynecologist, denied the facts she is accused of. She tells the facts: “When Signora Aminata Cissé came to the hospital, the gynecologist looked at her. The patient had four pathologies at risk of vaginal delivery. When she gave birth, I immediately took the baby to intensive care. Her baby weighed five (5) 600 pounds. In 20 years of service, I have never seen such a size for a newborn. The patient was an obese and diabetic woman ”, she defends herself.

The pink blouse says that the operating room was closed that day and the doctor on call was out of reach. She adds that the lady arrived at the health center when the baby’s head was already visible. “And at the time of delivery we did a super extension of the lower limbs. Subsequently, she had a tear in her cervix. After giving birth, she was no longer bleeding. She died the next day at 3 pm, ”she explains.

Speaking, Me Dramé, a civil lawyer, asked the accused if the gynecologist had said that it was impossible for the woman to give birth in a normal way? She replies with “Yes, I confirm”. The lawyer continues with a second question: “Have you tried to transfer her to another care facility”? The midwife replies: “We called the health facilities, but we couldn’t find a place. Furthermore, the doctor on call was unreachable. ”

The prosecution will ask the lady’s husband when the midwives informed him that his wife had a ruptured uterus. “They didn’t tell me anything. My wife left four children. And she pulled them all down. In 12 years of marriage, she has never been told she was diabetic, “says Amsatou Diallo.

A witness named Babacar Biaye reports that the lady was hospitalized in the block to repair the break. He says that if the diagnosis had been made, maybe the lady would be fine. He reveals that the bleeding was minimal, but it lasted.

As for Dr. Gassama, he explains that his role is to provide anesthesia to the Nabil Choucair health center. He admits that the deceased fell asleep after giving birth. “He has bled a lot. The anesthesia was risky, but you had to take that risk to operate, “he explains.

During her oral argument, the plaintiff’s attorney, Me Dramé, said that since 2014 Fatoumata Mbaye has become a completely devastated mother, still crying for her daughter. The black dress emphasized that in this case we were focusing on childbirth, but we should get to this point. “A lady showed up with a medical record that justifies that she cannot give birth normally. Early in the morning, everyone knew that she was not supposed to have a normal birth. You know you couldn’t assist the lady because you don’t have the required skills. You should not touch him as it is not your responsibility, “she said. She suggests that Aminata Cissé died because she was abandoned and was in danger.” When a person is in danger, we must do everything to save him, especially when it comes to of a doctor. Gynecologist Nadia didn’t have much experience. She knew the lady couldn’t get away with it. They tried to call Dr. Abdou Ndiaye because they were panicking. Aminata Cissé did not die of diabetes, obesity or blood pressure. She is. due to the rupture of the uterus. Nothing forces them to hire a patient without having the required qualities. The responsibility is total hence the crime of manslaughter. All the money in the world will not bring Aminata Cissé back. Enough for the defense to ask for the sum of 100 million CFA francs for all combined damages.

The prosecution, in its indictment, indexes the gynecologist Nadia as responsible and states that if Aminata Cissé was treated very soon, the diagnosis of the rupture could be detected. Thus, it takes two years, closes and issues an arrest warrant against Nadia Riami. For Marième Guèye, the prosecution claims that she only carried out orders. From a criminal point of view, he cannot be charged with any crime. Therefore, he asks for his release. On the side of the defense provided by Me Demba Ciré Bathily, the birth took place normally even though the baby died. They helped the lady because she was very big.

The sentence will be delivered on June 2 …

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