when and where will his funeral take place?

QUEEN. The queen of the night, Régine, died on Sunday 1 May 2022, at the age of 92. Her funeral will take place in Paris.

[Mis à jour le 06 mai 2022 à 10h03] The undisputed queen of Parisian nightlife is no longer there. Singer and actress Régine died on Sunday 1 May, she announced her family in a press release sent to AFP. She was 92. “Régine left us peacefully on May 1 at 11 am” in Paris, her nephew, Daphné Rotcajg, wrote to AFP. The funeral will take place on Monday 9 May at 10 at the crematorium of the Père-Lachaise cemetery, Salle de la Coupole, in Paris, the same source added.

The small cards, The great Zoa, Women are fags, Open your mouth, close your eyes… Régine will have offered some of his great classics to the French song … irreverent. Since the announcement of her death, tributes to the artist rain down on social networks. Thousands of anonymous people, but also personalities such as Pierre Palmade, Jane Birkin or Line Renaud greet the memory of the “queen of the night”. Emmanuel Macron pays homage to this artist with “a thousand nicknames”.

Since the announcement of his death, tributes to the artist rain down on social networks. Starting with that of his dear friend, the comedian Pierre Palmade. “The queen of the night is leaving: closure for a long and great career. Starting with her disco dance and her warm and reassuring jokes “, she” had made stars from all over the world dance in her nightclubs for more than 30 years, “he wrote in a text message sent to the AFP. the name has thus become “the emblem of crazy nights until dawn, she herself dances on the floor until closing time”, she adds.

Another longtime companion, Jane Birkin, also expressed her sadness, in the columns of Parisian. “At home he was always open to friends. He was truly a human person with a big heart. We sang together for irregular migrants because he, as soon as he could put himself at the service of “a cause, he did it. I knew she was sick, but she is one of those people whose death you cannot imagine. He had such a taste for parties and for life. She was brilliant, “says the singer.

For his part, the former leader of Line magazine Renaud wrote on Twitter: “Régine is gone. Our paths have crossed a thousand times. La Nuit is an orphan, she has lost her Queen. I offer all my condolences. to his family and his loved ones. “On Monday 2 May, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to” The queen of the night, the Great Zoa, the Fréhel de Montparnasse “.” After decades of illuminating the night, Régine died yesterday, leaving us melodies to hum and a certain art of living “, wrote the President of the Republic in a press release.

With Brigitte Macron, “they greet a great figure of Parisian nightlife and French song” and “address to his family, to all those who have danced ‘to the Régine’, to all the French who like to sing his songs, their heartfelt condolences. “

“The magazines of Gainsbourg or Frédéric Botton’s La grande Zoa, but also Barbara, Sagan, Renaud, Marc Lavoine or Serge Lama, were all inspired by the authenticity of this little Jewish girl hidden during the war”, underlines Pierre Palmade in his text Envoy to AFP about the singer’s disappearance, summing up Régine’s incredible life.

During his career, which began in the 1950s, Régine owned up to 22 clubs bearing his name around the world, starting with the legendary “Chez Régine”, near the Champs-Elysées. She is an entrepreneur, she was also a well-known and recognized singer, in particular thanks to hits such as The great Zoa, Light blueLthey are small cards Where Patchouli Chinchilla.

Régine has also appeared in cinema, in a dozen films, such as killing game by Alain Jessúa, roberto and roberto by Claude Lelouch o Dishonest cops by Claude Zidi. Having become an icon in France, she too was one of the rare French to have conquered America: in the 1960s, after a concert at the Olympia, Régine performed, like Edith Piaf, at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.

Régina Zylberberg aka Régine was born on December 26, 1929 in Anderlecht, Belgium, to Polish Ashkenazi Jewish parents. You have a brother, who will become Maurice Bidermann, an industrialist in the textile and clothing sector. At the age of three, Régine and her family left Belgium to settle in Paris, where her father opened a post-war café, La Lumière de Belleville, which the future singer would take care of. In the 1950s, Régine discovered a passion for the night and in 1956 she opened her first nightclub, Chez Régine, rue du Four, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris.

It is the first stone of her career as “queen of the night”, since the artist will open about twenty other factories, all over the world. Alongside this career as an entrepreneur, Régine is obviously also a singer, with many successes. “I am very proud that some of them have become variety classics (…) My first job was in nightclubs. For a long time singing was just a hobby. Today I realize that the stage was the most important in the world. my life, ”the night owl told AFP in 2020.

In her repertoire, Régine has several hits, which have made her a popular singer. Here are the singer’s five absolutely essential songs:

  • The small cards – 1965: this song was written by Serge Gainsbourg. The latter will have written to him twelve. Les p’tits papiers, a huge popular success, will be reprized by many artists after Régine, most notably her friend Jane Birkin.
  • The Great Zoa – 1966: this song evokes the other passion of Régine: the world of the night. The text, written by Frédéric Botton, speaks of a transvestite and his nocturnal travels to various places in the capital, “boa in the neck”.
  • Open your mouth, close your eyes – 1968: another title illustrating Régine’s jokes and irreverence: Open your mouth, close your eyes was also written for her by Serge Gainsbourg.
  • Blues – 1972: Serge Gainsbourg also writes this song, interpreted by Régine and which evokes violence against women. A lesser known song by the artist, which remains important in his career.
  • Women are fags – 1978: another title by Serge Gainsbourg, another irreverent text for Régine. This song evokes prejudices against homosexuals, derided for some clichés.


Régine had two husbands. At the age of 17, on November 7, 1947, the future singer married Paul Rotcage, a leather trainee. Together they have a son, Lionel Rotcage, a journalist born in 1948 and died in 2006. Régine and Paul Rotcage divorced three years after their marriage. “I divorced, swearing that I would never have the ring on my finger again. My priority was to set up my premises”, she confides Régine in 2016 at Paris Match.

On 6 December 1969 Régine married Roger Choukroun for the second time, in Boncourt, in Eure-et-Loir. Her friend, Françoise Sagan, is her best man. Thirty years later, the couple divorced. “Of the thirty-four years of union with my last husband, we really had to share three,” she counted in Gala.

Régine then had an only son: Lionel Rotcage, born in 1948 from the marriage with Paul Rotcage. But after a battle with cancer, the singer’s son died in 2006. “I lost my only child twelve years ago and will never get over it. Lionel was a journalist and businessman, he died at the age of 58. years of lung cancer. He suffered a lot because he had to share me. We didn’t always get along, but we loved each other very much “, Régine confided to the columns of France on Sunday 2018.

Before his disappearance, Lionel Rotcage had a granddaughter, Daphné, who also became the mother of a little boy named Léo.

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