woman suspected of assaulting a firefighter tried on 1 June

As her lawyers announced earlier in the morning, the 38-year-old woman suspected of assaulting a firefighter during the May 1 demonstration in Paris asked for her trial to be dismissed on Wednesday during the immediate appearance hearing of the Magistrate’s Court of Justice. Paris. That said, the magistrates have ordered the postponement of the file to the hearing on 1 June.

Until then, the accused, mother of two children, is placed under judicial control. She is forbidden to participate in a demonstration in Paris and to possess a weapon. A medical-psychological assessment will also be carried out.

The prosecution has requested pre-trial detention

The prosecution had asked for placement under a filing warrant of the accused, under a “certain form of danger”. The representative of the public prosecutor identified pre-trial detention as “the only way to prevent the extension of crimes”. “If there is not another May 1 between now and the next hearing, there will be other opportunities to demonstrate and to meet with representatives of the authorities,” he said.

Residing in Seine-Saint-Denis, the 38-year-old defendant said she was “100% sure” that she would not return to demonstrate from here to trial. “He will never take that risk,” says Me Alice Becker. “I have a job, a permanent contract, I’m a mother,” said the 30-year-old, visibly moved and upset.

Employed in the professional hygiene training sector, her criminal record is clean: the penalty of 200 euros with suspension of the fine for acts of violence in 2008 was rehabilitated by law, and her name appears simply on two legal warnings.

“Absolutely deplorable media treatment”

In their memoirs, the lawyers denounced “an absolutely deplorable media treatment”. Me Aïnoha Pascual in particular refuted the version that their client gave up her job as a nurse because she had not been vaccinated against Covid-19. “If she changed jobs, it was to take care of her children,” she pleaded, pointing out the 30-year-old’s “complicated life as a single mother”, as well as “serious health problems.” “She’s exhausted, tired, upset,” she adds.

Hager A., ​​38, is suspected of hitting a firefighter’s helmet and tried to stop him from putting out a fire during the May Day demonstration in Paris. After 48 hours in police custody, she was indicted for an immediate appearance. She is being prosecuted for violence against a public service mission officer, contempt, rebellion, participation in a group for the purpose of committing violence or degradation during a demonstration and obstacle to the arrival of aid intended to combat a dangerous disaster for the people.

“We will destroy you like in 2019”, he would have told the firefighter. But according to the defense of the 1930s, it is not she who would have made these observations. “It didn’t work out at all like the media briefing it did,” pleads with Alice Becker, who also announced the filing of an investigation secrecy complaint after her client’s name was published in the press.

Police headquarters of the civil party

The prefect of police announced via a Twitter posting on Wednesday morning that he was a civil party in this case. The Paris firefighters are in fact placed under his authority in the capital. “He is alongside the general and the brigade of the fire brigade of Paris, the unit of excellence of the police headquarters”, adds the tweet, while this Wednesday is the International Day of the profession.

The attacked firefighter was also reported. He was not present at the hearing, but he is expected to appear on June 1st.

In the videos shot during the May Day demonstration posted on social networks, we see the suspect, wearing an orange helmet and a red backpack, trying to snatch the fire hose from a firefighter in the process of putting out a fire started by protesters. After several unsuccessful attempts, she hits him twice on the helmet before being overwhelmed.

This attack sparked outrage, especially on social media. “That’s enough! Shame on the ferocity, incomprehensible this new aggression against the Paris firefighters in the exercise of their functions, to protect the people, the property of the Municipality and the smooth running of the demonstration”, tweeted the fire brigade. fire. -Paris firefighters shortly after the events. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had denounced “unacceptable violence”.

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