A woman searching for her father discovers she is a missing child

A woman and her father have been separated for about three decades. They both had little information about each other, but thanks to the internet they eventually found each other.

The internet is often perceived as a scourge, due to the bad influence that can sometimes circulate there. However, Scott Becker and his daughter April Becker Antoniou are among those users who will forever be grateful for this communication tool.

The only thing Scott knew about his daughter was that she was born on St. Birth day.



For years, April was determined to try using search engines and every tool she had to find her father. Her task was far from easy, as her only clue was the latter’s name. However, the search engines did not have enough data on him to locate him.

He did not know that if he chose to search for his own name, an Internet page dedicated to his search would appear.

Her father had created the AprilBecker.com site, years ago, to find her. It wasn’t until November 4, 2009 that her daughter found him, when she decided to type the words “Scott Robert Becker looking for April” into the search.

April Becker Antoniou and her father, Scott Becker, hug after first meeting. | Source: youtube.com/BECKERBROADCAST

Google showed some results, including the website his father created, where a message was waiting for him to send him an email. The website text was as follows:

“I’m your father and I’d really like to talk to you.”

April talked about her first reaction to the website: “When this site appeared before my eyes, I was absolutely blown away.”

April Becker Antoniou and her children. | Source: youtube.com/BECKERBROADCAST

He knew how to spell his middle name

April knew that her father was indeed the author of the website, because the top title contained her middle name, “Joi”. According to April, no one else knew he spelled himself that way, and this was irrefutable proof that he really was her father.

Scott, a restaurant owner in Kiowa, revealed that his daughter’s email came just as she was going to bed. This said, “I think you might be my father.”

Two days later April was on a plane to Atlanta to see her father. Several TV channels have taken up their story. Positive e-mails of congratulations soon arrived to the father-daughter duo for reuniting.

April Becker Antoniou and her father, Scott Becker. | Source: youtube.com/BECKERBROADCAST


The last time Scott saw his daughter before their reunion was in 1979, when she was only a few months old, and the family resided in Southern California.

He and April’s mother had had a fight and she was gone never to come back. Speaking of what happened, April said:

“I resented both of us for making that decision. But, after 15 or 20 years, I decided I shouldn’t be angry about it anymore.”

Her mother married soon after, and April found out when she was five that the man she knew as her father was her stepfather. Naturally, she became curious and began her investigation. But in another city, her biological father was already trying to find her.

The main problem was that they had a relatively common surname. Then they lost sight of each other, until the fateful day she typed in keywords including her name and his. After that, their reunion went smoothly, and April’s two children quickly hit upon their biological grandfather.

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