Here is your horoscope for this Sunday 8 May 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day should you expect emotionally, financially, or healthy? Take a look below with our full horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: you burn with all the fires of love. Your partner is over the moon. You will be torn between sensuality, tenderness and complicity. Your family life will continue to be well protected. Single, you will give a lot of importance to your appearance and enjoy a charm and a thunderous sex appeal.

Work-Money: Once it’s not personalized, you can make a small distortion to your budget, especially when it comes to giving gifts. In work, you will do it without hesitation. You will have all the possibilities to carry out your projects. On the other hand, make an effort not to step on your coworkers’ feet.

Health: You will benefit from good energy and good dynamism. Protect your skin, moisturize it, this will prevent itching and unpleasant feelings of tightness.

Mood: Very pleasant day.

Tip: Problems may not be solved overnight. Don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues for help.


Love: you will have great optimism. This will have a particularly beneficial influence on your little world. You will truly be a ray of sunshine on the day of your loved ones.

Work-money: it is above all in your work that you will show your initiative. You will propose rather risky projects but having been tested in the past, you will be given all the necessary confidence.

Health: Your morale is at its peak.

Mood: The atmosphere will be dynamic.

Tip: Think carefully before you act because you are a role model for some people around you.


Love: some turmoil will shake your love life. But rest assured, it won’t last. There are risks of tension with your partner, but some astral influences will help you smooth things out. Anyone who is serious about a heart to take will be satisfied.

Work-Money: You will definitely have to face some hassles. Yet you will begin to reap the rewards of your labor. Don’t waste time on sterile discussions.

Health: good overall tone, but your resistance to viruses will be slightly decreased.

Mood: Very average day.

Tip: You should pay a little more attention to what you put on your plate!


Love: love is your best ally. The person you live with supports and encourages you. You will do everything to strengthen your romantic bonds. Thus, you will go to war against routine and habits.

Work-Money: by dint of multiplying your contacts and your steps, your projects will be successful. Your persistence will pay off. Unexpected changes may occur. But don’t panic, the changes taking place will work in your favor, as long as you agree to adapt to them.

Health: Stimulants only give you the illusion of tone. Take the time to breathe.

Mood: Busy day.

Tip: start making plans for your next vacation, it will clear your mind!


Love: You will be a little troubled by an encounter. A person will not leave you indifferent and disturb your mind. If you’re in a relationship, ask yourself the right questions quickly before letting the situation get worse.

Work-money: you can’t change your life in a radical way. A friend’s intervention will be reassuring. He will help you affirm your life and career choices.

Health: good resistance to viral attacks.

Mood: A little depressing day.

Tip: Don’t try to compare your career path with that of your colleagues or friends.


Love: A certain misunderstanding reigns over your love affairs. You would do well not to touch upon important issues. You will have to check that your power of seduction has lost none of its effectiveness and you will be tempted to succumb to the charm of short adventures.

Work-money: it will be difficult to find the motivation to move forward. Put your dynamism at the service of the development of your projects. This will pique the interest of those who may be able to help you.

Health: you are in excellent shape. You should be full of energy and zest for life.

Mood: Very ordinary day.

Tip: Wait for a better time to make long-term decisions!


Love: You may find yourself saying words that are a little too harsh for a close relative. If you don’t really mean them, take the first step, go apologize. Confessed guilt is half forgiven, as they say.

Work-money: Even if you don’t like it, you will have to respect the demands of your work. Be flexible and listen to the advice of experienced people.

Health: good stamina but check your nerves!

Mood: Fairly gloomy day.

Tip: Nothing will find favor in your eyes today. Look at the bright side!


Love: Luck may come with an encounter you weren’t expecting at all. Hope you can recognize this little push of fate!

Work-Money: You will have an objective approach to your possibilities. Your sense of analysis will be strengthened. You will become aware of your weaknesses and strengths.

Health: Risks of muscle problems.

Mood: you will have a clear mind.

Tip: don’t go out without looking in the mirror, it would be a shame to spoil your opportunities.


Love: a question is needed: take a step back and take stock of your past actions. Maybe it’s time to change your attitude. You will earn by showing maturity.

Work-money: if you show a minimum of organization, you should quickly carry out the tasks assigned to you. You can then focus on future projects.

Health: Good morale, follows the body.

Mood: Fairly ordinary day.

Tip: Don’t cut off contact with loved ones even if you’re busy. A quick phone call is all it takes.


Love: Your sentimental sky seems clear. Family means a lot to you especially right now and everyone will play the part of her. Take the opportunity to find the necessary calm.

Money-work: Nothing very busy in this area. Your current charm can help you make contact. Do not overdo it though, it could pass for opportunism and would be badly perceived.

Health: Stress decreases slowly.

Mood: Normal day overall.

Tip: Say hello to your neighbors, the postman or the bus driver and you will realize that communicating is not that difficult.


Love: could it be Christmas, your birthday, your grandmother’s or your beloved dog’s? You will let your guard down and be ready to make concessions. We hope your partner notices and takes the opportunity because you can’t say it happens very often!

Work-Money: You will establish very interesting professional relationships. Now is the time to work harder and step into the light if you want to progress.

Health: your morale is good today.

Mood: No problems in sight.

Tip: Make an effort to see the bright side of things. You always tend to see the glass as half empty.


Love: be more understanding and tolerant with those around you. In fact, for some time now, you have been a little too sure of yourself and you tend to impose your way of seeing things. Family life requires constant attention and some concessions. Single, your beautiful self-confidence risks frightening a person who nevertheless found you attractive.

Business Money – You will be able to seriously manage your finances. This is a good time to invest, provided, of course, that you consult a professional. On the other hand, you will lack motivation in work. Your duties and obligations will seem too routine and uninteresting.

Health: You will have drops of energy throughout the day. In anticipation, have a good breakfast, don’t settle for a coffee. A small snack will not be useless to last until the evening meal. Nervous fatigue is gaining ground.

Mood: Trouble-free day.

Tip: If you are bored with the routine, why don’t you make an effort to get out of it?

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