Loïc Salaneuve, captain of the Charitois, before going to Charleville-Mézières: “We are tired of the smell of defeat”

Loïc Salaneuve had not known NM3 since 2010 and his arrival in La Charité. A Charitoise defeat at Charleville-Mézières on Saturday 7 May combined with a victory by Tremblay at Lons-le-Saunier would relegate the captain and his team.

How are you dealing with this crisis of results?

I joined the club twelve years ago. I have never experienced this. Under Nicolas Faure, we had secured a good maintenance on the penultimate day. But having our destiny in hand. Here, it is no longer the case. It’s frustrating.

Do you feel like you’ve realized the danger too late?

We didn’t think it would happen. We thought we could do it. Awareness has just come. If, perhaps, before the match Prissé-Mâcon. When we stopped being masters of our destiny.

We talk, we encourage each other. But behind, it does not follow. We are a team of nice and calm guys.

How do you explain the difficulties of Charitoise?

We talk, we encourage each other. But behind, it does not follow. We are a team of nice and calm guys. Tremblay, better prepared to do maintenance, knew how to develop a rougher game. Ending the season with three away games is not a gift, we would have played one last home game, aware of the situation.

There is still hope …

We are not dead. The situation is critical. Players may have already left the club in their heads. The staff leaves (Fabien Anthonioz at Lons-le-Saunier next season, his assistant Pierre-Hugues Frémont resigns). Nervously, will they all be 100%?

Arrived in N3 twelve years ago

Has the group resigned?

Tired of the smell of defeat. But don’t be fatalistic. There are still levers, such as pride. For those who make the statistics, it will have more value if the club is kept. The story may still end on a good note. But it will take at least a game away.

You arrived in N3, for the 2010-2011 season …

And I don’t want to tell myself that the circle will be complete in the event of a descent. There are sure to be lessons to be learned from this season. It is no longer possible to have a team that changes completely from one year to the next. That’s not how you create a collective. I’ll see if I stay, it will depend on the project. But I have neither physical nor mental fatigue.

Saturday 7 May, 8 pm

CHARLEVILLE-MÉZIÈRES (Caisse d’Epargne Arena). Charleville-Mézières / La Charité. Referees: Wassim Halhouli and Anthony Jacquier.
Charleville-Mezieres.Leader: Alix (1.86m), Courtois (1.91m), Depaix (1.91m); full backs: Lissossi (1.90m), Lucas (1.93m), Kieger (1.99m), Boyer (1.89m), Dali (1.98m); Interiors: Badiane (2.07 m), Shonganya (2.03 m). Coach: Fabien Calvez.
The charity.Leader: Salaneuve (1.78 m, cap.), Lefebvre (1.80 m); full backs: Booth (1.92m), Palcy (1.94m), Leria (1.98m); inland: Aboussalam (2.02 m), Rimsa (2.08 m), Hangoué (2.01 m). Trainer: Fabien Anthonioz (assisted by Pierre-Hugues Frémont).

Owen Cudgel

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