Mézidon: convicted, Emmanuel Norbert-Couade loses his seat as city councilor

Convicted of harassment, Emmanuel Norbert-Couade has decided to appeal. © The archives of the Pays d’Auge

On Tuesday 3 May 2022, Emmanuel Norbert-Couade was tried for harassment and threats against an elected representative of the majority of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge (Calvados). The opposition city councilor, formerly of the National Rassessore and joined Reconquête at the end of 2021, spoke of a political elimination operation, before acknowledging that, having a certain idea of ​​morality and ethics, he had drawn from ” lack of excessive prudence “.

A first complaint closed without follow-up

The 42-year-old father of two children was the subject of two complaints, the first of which – filed on March 14, 2020 for repeated sending of malicious messages and a death threat – had been dismissed. A decision which, however, had the effect of temporarily putting an end to the actions of the divorced high school teacher who had harassed the complainant. The spouse who lived on the other end of France for professional reasons lived alone with her 3-year-old son. Attached to the proceeding was the complaint filed without action which is not reached by the limitation period.

Carpooling and Valentine’s Day

It was through the carpooling app Blablacar that the resister and her mother met in December 2019. She quickly put an end to carpooling with the man who was too pushy and whose political choices are diametrically opposed to hers. She then sent her a multitude of messages, the transcription of which by the investigators takes up 55 A4 pages. The woman was prescribed a 7-day ITT by her doctor. The first denunciation had soothed the ardor of the 1940s until the end of the year.

Candidate for mayor of Mézidon in the last elections, Emmanuel Norbert-Couade has not accepted that his mother refuses to be included in his list, much less that it appears in that of the outgoing mayor. She had talked about it again with messages addressed to her spouse or herself, and with inappropriate behavior; like sending roses and chocolates on February 14, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

In the fifth grade

In a message ending with “sensually, your most faithful admirer”, he invites the “most beautiful woman in Mézidon” – whom he calls his “darling” or “Super girlfriend” – not to “sulk her pleasure”. She tells her that she is beautifully beautiful and that she has never had such a feeling for anyone else. He will ask the mayor of the city to have his “sparkling” adviser accompany him to distribute the Christmas packages “as long as he comes without his curtain dress”.

“You see, she is alive and well”

Then the tone will change. It will become “a magnificent c …”. He will write to her partner that everything is wrong with her, “floor to ceiling” and so on [il] I would love to bury her alive in her garden ». An “unfortunate” phrase that, according to him, should be taken literally. “See, she is alive and in good health,” he justifies himself. The woman who attended the hearing with her spouse broke down in tears several times when the facts were mentioned.

“Honey”, “Sensually”

The defendant who is not assisted by a lawyer launches into the preamble that we could not sweep his “scenario” out of hand. “We cannot steal a medical certificate from your hand”, replies the president, recalling that the complainant suffers from an anxiety-depressive syndrome and has been released for 6 months of ITT by the medical unit – the judiciary of Caen.

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The forty-year-old specifies that pieces of the puzzle handed over to the prosecution are missing. He talks about unreasonable remarks, concise sentences. If he calls his victim “dear” and ends the messages with “sensually”, he identifies these familiarities with “dear friend” and “cordially”. “It is a particular way of thinking,” observes the magistrate. According to the victim’s lawyer and the prosecutor, the man – who will remain convinced throughout the hearing that she is in love with him – has all the symptoms of erotomania.

He resigned from the city council

The accused is sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, including 6 months with suspension of probation for 3 years. He will carry out 4 months firm under electronic bracelet. He has an obligation to undergo psychological or psychiatric treatment. He is prohibited from appearing in Mézidon and contacting the complainant and her spouse. He will have to pay them respectively € 3,000 and € 500 for their damage and € 1,200 pursuant to article 475-1 of the criminal code.

Finally, the court declares his ineligibility for 3 years with provisional execution. The prefect will send him the decision to resign from the municipal council of Mézidon Vallée d’Auge. Emmanuel Norbert-Couade has decided to appeal.

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