“Music is a male chauvinist medium”

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Moved several times, Eddy de Pretto’s tour has finally started a year after the release of his latest album, “A tous les bâtards” and will take place on March 9 in Toulouse. This brings joy to a singer for whom the stage is his “ultimate goal”.

We talk to her when her tour hasn’t started yet, Covid has rocked her several times. We believe Eddy de Pretto is looking forward to the moment. And that at the same time he avoids ignition. “I don’t even believe it! I’m having a hard time making this return to the stage, so my energy was cut off at the last moment during subsequent postponements. I’m waiting for the last moment to really get into it.” Since then the artist has performed a dozen times, from Nancy to Bourges via Brussels and everything went very well. As will happen at the Zénith de Toulouse on Monday 9 May.

The public has waited a long time, don’t you think they will ask you even more?

I don’t put that kind of pressure on myself. Above all, I try to harness the energy so rare today that we feel in concert. Therefore, every evening I try to capture the smiles, the vibrations of the people. Do the biggest show, fill the rooms to block, I don’t give a fuck. I have never been in the register of power, of the tour de force. In this context, the Covid period has reassured me.

How did you spend this long period with almost no concerts?

I stayed in touch with my audience on Instagram, social media. I have had 300,000 people with me for two years; I was not alone! The problem is that the internet makes people addicted … and crazy. The more messages you have, the more you want. I also had time to write new songs. I still had the chance to perform six times at the Bataclan in the fall of 2021. It has been very good for my mental health. Finally, I studied some film projects as an actor. But I can’t say more for now.

Are these new songs still in the news log?

I haven’t changed my perspective: I like to tell stories in my own way, to make people feel emotions. I evoke things seen or experienced. Not easy in pandemic times when you find yourself under a bell, as if you were sleeping. In today’s world, everything encourages us to close in, to live huddled to protect ourselves.

“To all the bastards”, the title of your second album, sums up your approach well: you try to bring to light those who are rejected …

The question concerns me personally. I have often been sidelined on the playgrounds, in my environment in Créteil. Even today I remain too special for a “mainstream” view of music. It is important that a voice like mine exists when the patterns change so little. The smooth singers are many. I arrive and say: “Look at me, listen to me, I’ll blow your mind”.

So are you a political singer?

More than ever when, it seems, the majority of people in France vote for the right. We have reached the point where today this center is Les Républicains! Of course, in my Paris environment, I only associate with progressive people who defend feminist and anti-racist values. But when you watch TV, that’s not the case at all – the stakes are very different for many people.

In the song we have the impression that girls are much more determined than boys …

Music is a male-dominated environment like all institutions. There are few men, it is true, openly liberated about the questions I am trying to ask. It is undoubtedly linked to our society which has a culture of figures, of competition.

Who is your icon in this field?

As a young man I used to listen to Diam’s “Par amour” on my first iPod. I liked the straightforwardness of this girl, the clairvoyance of her comments, the vivacity of her. She put her courage into everything she did, she defended her ideas of her harshly, she took things with her head held high, without excessive poses and refinements. Rap today has largely lost this very busy side.

Album “To all bastards” (Romance / Universal). Eddy de Pretto in concert on Monday 9 May at 8 pm at the Zénith de Tolosa. Prices: from 36 to 60 euros. Tel. 05 62 73 44 70 (www.bleucitron.net).

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