Near Flers, drunk and heavily armed, he took refuge after targeting his wife with a rifle

Near Flers (Orne), the man had targeted his wife with a rifle. Illustrative photo. © Pixabay

Eight months’ suspended prison sentence for a 38-year-old man who appeared, Tuesday 3 May 2022, before the Criminal Court of Argentan (Orne) for death threats to his spouse. He targeted his wife with his 22 carbine rifle, but also for carrying and possessing firearms without declaration and authorization.

That evening, after consuming a lot of italcohol and threatened his wife, I will entrench himself heavily armed with these words “tonight I die”.

He wants to die

On February 8, 2022, police intervention is required in La Lande-Patry (Orne), near Flers (Orne). An individual would be entrenched, heavily armed and drunk, in a barn with the intention of dying. Her wife explains to him that she had just told him of her intention to separate. So he grabbed his guns and several cartridges and said he would shoot himself or be shot.

When they arrive, the police bring everyone to safety. They will learn from a friend of the entrenched man who just called him, that he wants suicide or get shot. He wants to die.

Already several episodes of violence

A lot of excitement and a lot of worry around this scene. The man now asks to resume living with his wife. Despite the request made, the intervention of the Raid is rejected.

In the night long negotiations will begin and, at six in the morning, he is arrested without any resistance, lying on the seat of his truck. Several Weapons and the ammunition will be found in his possession. At seven in the morning she had an alcohol level of 0.56 mg / L of exhaled air (1.12 g / L of blood).

The wife will explain it first hide behind in his barn, he threatened her by pointing a 22 LR rifle at her, however she refuses to file a complaint against him. She adds that her husband has heavy alcohol consumption and that she has already experienced it several episodes of violence.

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A real arsenal

During the search you will discover a real arsenalcrossbow, bow, different rifles, cartridges of different calibers, a 22 LR rifle and a sport shooting pistol.

When he can be heard, he will admit that he drank beers and rosés that night, but he no longer remembers what happened.

According to him, his behavior is related to his heavy alcohol consumption and he apologizes for the trouble he may have created. He was so drunk that he wouldn’t do anything. He will be placed below judicial review at the end of its custody.

“A lot of fear, a lot of force deployed that evening, sir. How can you explain it? asks the president.

In my couple, nothing was right and I drank too much alcohol.

The accused

“But there are other couples who are separating and that does not mean that things are taking such a turn,” continues the president. “I had no intention of hurting anyone that night, but I didn’t know how to get out of it, my separation, alcohol, suicide was a solution for me, I was ‘fed up’. He admits in court this is not the first time. which does suicidal thoughts.

“My children were very disturbed”

If they both have children from previous unions, they are together the parents of two other children aged three months and four years.

This famous night, I admit that I was afraid, for me, but also for my children.

The victim

And she adds: “Today I am followed by a psychologist and my children were very upset. They were entrenched upstairs that evening, but they witnessed this scene.

The legal representative of the victim’s interests recalls that the defendant’s behavior did not date back to that evening, but dated back to several years.

According to her, the defendant does not show great questioning. “I don’t see much remorse. You have to imagine that being pointed by a rifle is necessarily traumatic.” You are claiming compensation for the damage suffered and asks for compensation of € 2,000 in addition to the sum of € 600 for legal costs.

Eight months in prison and treatment

For the prosecutor, if the victim is not physically injured he is undoubtedly psychologically injured. Even if the criminal record the defendant is a virgin, asks the court to enter the conviction process for all the facts with which she is accused and asks for a sentence of 18 months of imprisonment accompanied by a suspension of probation for two years with the obligations of care, work, to compensate the civil party, the prohibition to contact or to appear at the victim’s home as well as own or carry a weapon for two years. He also demands the confiscation of the seals.

The defense recalls that his client’s only goal was suicide. She said “I’m dying tonight”. He acknowledges that the events were traumatic, but he never intended to hurt anyone.

She doubts the victim is really afraid of her ex-husband as she says given the many messages she posts on Facebook. According to her, the amount of the fine requested is excessive and requires the judge to reduce it to fairer proportions.

The court will sentence him to a sentence of eight months of imprisonment accompanied by a probationary suspension for two years with the obligations of treatment, to compensate the victim by paying him the sum of 1,000 euros and the prohibition to present himself at the victim’s home except in the exercise of parental authority. He is also forbidden to own or carry any weapon for five years.

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