New Mormons, “big kisses” and Roselyne Bachelot’s tailor … Things seen at Macron’s inauguration

As at the Cannes Film Festival, the show does not start inside the palace. It is being played for the first time on a red carpet. This Saturday, May 7, at the Elysée, for the second investiture ceremony of Emmanuel Macron, this carpet is however greatly shortened. Guests need to walk for a long time on the gravel of the main courtyard before reaching it. Many pairs of martyr décolleté are experiencing their first and last fashion show.

A small carpet for a small ceremony? This is the fate of re-elected presidents. As for Mitterrand in 1988 or Chirac in 2002. Nor will there be a return to the Champs-Elysées or a reception at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. In Macron’s entourage, on the other hand, we insist: “It’s not a re-investiture ceremony, it’s an investiture ceremony. “ It’s the same president, but a new presidency. You follow ?

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However, given the happy, stressed or proud faces of the guests, we tell ourselves that even a small rug can make a big impact. It is nothing to be part of the approximately 450 guests out of 67.8 million French people (according to the INSEE estimate of January 1, 2022, this is a serious article). To sum up, in addition to the multitude of policies, there is the family, artists, sportsmen, trade unionists, the military, religious authorities, trade union figures, carers (Covid obliga) and even a sixth-welcome class of the ‘Oise. And many others, but we won’t even publish the list, which we don’t have anyway.

Green Bachelot

In the game of who will stand out the most, we immediately remove all suspense. The big winner is called Roselyne Bachelot. It’s almost a habit with her. Previously, in 2008, she had already come to the Cabinet in Pink Crocs. This time she is dressed in a very, very very shiny, very, very very green costume that she has come to the Elysée. It is not the favorite color of artists, but the Minister of Culture has undeniably succeeded.

It also feels like going back several years. Almost all the members of Nicolas Sarkozy’s successive governments are part of the party. Bachelot then, but also Eric Woerth, Christian Estrosi, Jean-Marie Bockel, Alain Juppé, Hubert Falco, Roger Karoutchi… Who said that macronie didn’t lean to the right? But to be honest, we also point out the presence of former Dutch ministers, certainly less numerous: Pierre Moscovici, Marisol Touraine or even Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Emmanuel Macron, this mysterious stranger who returns to the Elysée

The artists are more used to the red carpet, a little less to the impressive decor of the Elysée. We note, among others, Guillaume Gallienne, François Cluzet and obviously Christian Hecq, a personal friend of the Macron couple, who never misses the premiere of a play by the director. Another intimate show producer, Jean-Marc Dumontet, also crosses the main courtyard.

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But not all of them cope with gravel. Some are left in the car at the foot of the Elysée steps. Way to emphasize their importance. This is the case of the co-prince of Andorra (a title shared with the French president, hence his presence); by Laurent Fabius, President of the Constitutional Council; Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly; Gérard Larcher, his counterpart in the Senate. Not to mention the two key guests of this ceremony: Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, who arrived just seconds away, so much so that they could think about carpooling.

Jean Castex is also transported. He looks more rested than ever. His successor in Matignon has not yet been named, but the holidays have obviously begun. His still Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, pats him on the shoulder with such enthusiasm that he seems not to have met him for a long time.

The new “Mormons”

Now it is the campaign team’s turn to parade, led by Jonathan Guémas, the “pen” of the head of state and then of the candidate. There is no doubt that many are hoping to be out of this second five-year term. The new “Mormons”, these young men who brought Emmanuel Macron to the Elysée five years ago, are them. The communicator on departure, Clément Léonarduzzi, on the other hand, is already absent. A companion laughs: “He will only be able to get people talking about him not being there, what a talent! “

We also note two strollers, and Manuel Valls (who, this time, was just invited), Anne Hidalgo (who, barring a few million votes, could have been the inviting power), Elisabeth Borne (who follows Alain Juppé, after him may have asked for advice for Matignon, you never know) …

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It’s time to enter the Elysée hall. It’s almost 11am. And we are warned that Emmanuel Macron will start a ceremony, for once, just in time. Here it comes to music. For music lovers, the Republican Guard chamber orchestra plays the first movement of Handel’s oboe concerto. A personal choice of the president.

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Two things have changed compared to 2017: the thick carpet is no longer red but gray (more modern but also dirtier) and Laurent Fabius has changed the reference author. Five years ago, when the young Emmanuel Macron officially proclaimed President of the Republic, the first of the Elders of the Constitutional Council quoted Chateaubriand: “To be the man of your country, you have to be the man of your time. ” On that day, Victor Hugo quoted: “In these difficult times, we are servants of the law and slaves of duty. “ The succession of crises passed from there.

Jupiter descends from its Olympus

While General Puga presents the collar of Grand Master of the National Order of the Legion of Honor to the Head of State, we receive a text message from friends: “We love Roselyne’s dress. ” Even on a television screen, it does not go unnoticed. The solemnity of the moment is also disturbed by some children’s crying. Those who were in strollers.

Emmanuel Macron’s voice will quickly cover them. Installed behind a desk, he utters his first words as a reinvested president (sorry, invested again): “At a time when the French are once again entrusting me with the utmost responsibility, I am aware of the gravity of the times. “ Then he promises “To act relentlessly with one goal, that of being a more independent nation, living better and building our French and European responses to the challenges of our century”. And to get a little wet, he announces:

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“We must all together invent a new method, far from worn-out rituals and choreographies, with which only we can build a new productive, social and ecological contract. “

Applause. Let’s say that Macron 2 will be more horizontal than Macron 1. While waiting to verify this, Jupiter descends from his Olympus to greet her guests almost one by one. It’s time for another little game: who will get the longest handshake or the strongest kiss from the tactile president?

Small weather forecast for the day: very hot with Nicolas Sarkozy, cooler with François Hollande. Castex and Ferrand are entitled to a frank handshake, the faithful secretary general Alexis Kohler a kiss, the ally of all time François Bayrou two kisses. Edouard Philippe, the former premier who would also like to be the future president, sees himself covered with slaps in the face that border on slaps and his arm is so shaken that it risks falling. Fortunately, everything is done with big smiles. It must be what we call hard love.

“The bill is good”

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The hugging tour will last. Last. Last. Before it ends, journalists are invited to go to the Elysée Gardens, where representatives of all armies await in line. When the Head of State appears on the terrace of the park, he stops to face them. 21 cannon shots were then fired from the nearby hotel Les Invalides. A soldier of the presidency gives us the decryption:

“It is a tradition that arose from the beginning of the development of naval artillery. It was customary when one came to a stage somewhere, at the end of the Middle Ages, at the beginning of the Renaissance, to unload one’s rifles, that is, to show that one was arriving without hostile intention. And the batteries on the ground responded. Since there were a maximum of seven cannons on the medlar and the coastal batteries had the ability to have more powder, the latter fired three times as many cannon shots. 3 x 7 = 21, the count is good. “

Staying inside the town hall, guests watch the Head of State review troops through the window, to the sound of Lann-Bihoué’s Bagad. Then comes the time to relax and have an aperitif, but away from the eyes of journalists. A tradition, this time, very Macronian.

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