Six gadgets to give to your mother for Mother’s Day 2022

Mothers are a gift that keeps on giving. However, it can be difficult to think of thoughtful enough gifts for them for Mother’s Day. Going far beyond the obvious – perfumes, clothes and flowers – here are six great gadgets you can consider giving her on this special day.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Give your mom a break from the daily grind by letting her plug and unplug with this cute pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Thanks to excellent active noise cancellation technology, these stylish earbuds eliminate almost all ambient noise, at home, in the middle of the day. traffic or even in flight. In addition, he can choose the level of noise cancellation, high or low, without ever having to adjust the volume of the media he is listening to. Voice calls are usually crystal clear which makes him a great choice for his business calls or just a video call with his girls! Oh! And, in case he had lost it somewhere, he could easily use the SmartThings app to find them. But then moms manage to find things that no one else can, anyway!

£ 6,990


2. Essenza mini Nespresso coffee machine

For someone who usually takes the burden of planning meals and making sure everyone gets breakfast on time, this mini coffeemaker might be just what they need to get their day off to a good start. . The machine can heat and brew a cup of tea in under 30 seconds, which is great for busy moms! The device also comes with a 9-minute auto shut-off feature, so you don’t have to panic if someone accidentally left it on while leaving the house. Designed to take up minimal counter space and available in bright colors, this mini coffee maker is sure to brighten up your counter and Mother’s Day!

₹ 19,999


3. Abrane Aerosync tripod

Help mommy charge up smoothly at the end of the day with this wireless charger. Not too different from the way mothers typically multitask throughout the day, this device is also multitasking and charges smartphones, smartwatches, and headphones at the same time. The LED indicators on the charging strip will guide your mother to correctly position the devices for charging. For smartphones, you need to make sure it’s a device that supports wireless charging. All iPhones, starting with iPhone 12, can also be magnetically charged. Weighing just over 100 grams, it is light and foldable enough to be easily carried on the road.

₹ 2,699


4. iRobot Roomba i7 +

Eliminate the hassle of always keeping the house clean by giving your mother this Roomba. It can “tell” the stylish vacuum cleaner to remember multiple floor plans and room names and activate cleaning with voice commands. If there is a certain part of the house that he does not want to clean, he can program it in the “forbidden zone”. The best part? The robot vacuum empties and recharges automatically as needed, so once the device is turned on, he can really forget about it, put his feet up and use all the free time to catch up on his favorite show!

₹ 59,900 and above


5. The smart garden 3

Bringing a touch of technology to gardening, Smart Garden makes an eye-catching gift whether you have a green thumb or not.

Coupled with your first set of free pods, this system allows you to grow a mini garden right in your living room with minimal effort. This self-watering gadget automatically feeds plants, making sure they always have enough light, water and nutrients. With no need for pesticides, everything you collect from the system – herbs, fruit, fresh vegetables or flowers – is as fresh as possible. SmartGarden 3 lets you plant 3 pods at a time, and if you really want to think big, Smart Garden 9 lets you grow 9 plants at a time!

₹ 7,499 and above


6. Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

Perfect for moms on the go (who honestly are all moms!), This cute smartwatch is perfect. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear4100 + platform, the smartwatch responds quickly and uses the battery slowly. It also manages to charge up to 80% in just over 30 minutes. A true pro in case your mom is super health conscious, the smartwatch offers continuous heart rate monitoring and a brand new SpO2 sensor. Built-in wellness features allow her to set sleep goals, view sleep stats, track workout progress, and track calories burned. Designed to work flawlessly with Spotify, YouTube Music, GPay, and Alexa, the watch could be the smart assistant your mom needs this year. While we have a certain penchant for the rose gold edition, there are several colors and material finishes to choose from.

₹ 23,995 and above

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06 May 2022

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