The old man sits in the same corner for 10 years, waiting for the daughter who threw him out of the car

A policeman sees an old man sitting in a corner and discovers that he has been homeless since his daughter abandoned him and is still waiting patiently for him.

How many times have we heard of man’s inhumanity towards man? We always think of evil strangers persecuting innocent victims, but often the cruelest acts are done by those we love and trust.

As a police officer, James McGowan thought he saw the worst humanity could do – crime and violence – until he met Martin Duval and heard his heartbreaking story.

Something about the way the man was sitting caught James McGowan’s attention | Source:

Agent McGowan went to his favorite restaurant at the end of his shift, and since his usual seat had been filled, he was forced to take another one, one that gave him a corner view.

The waitress, Ferdy, came over to take his order and saw him staring at an old man sitting in the corner with an old bag across his chest. His clothes were torn and his shoes fell off his feet.

James had rarely seen a homeless man in such precarious conditions. “Who is he?” he asked Ferdy. “There’s something about him … There’s something wrong, and not just the fact that he’s homeless.”

Ferdy shook his head. “He’s right, Officer,” he said. “This must be one of the saddest stories I know and believe me, I know a lot!”

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“What about this man?” James asked. “Do you know him?”

Ferdi sighed. “He’s been around for ten years and there have been many nights I fed him,” he confessed. “You see, he doesn’t beg and doesn’t go to the soup kitchens.”

Bad deeds will be discovered sooner or later.

“Why not?” James asked. “There are good programs that could help someone his age …”

“He’s not really homeless, you know,” Ferdy said. “He Was forsaken”.

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James winced. “Abandoned? Do you have a family?” He asked.

“He told me his daughter told him they were going for a ride, and then she stopped and pushed him out of the car,” Ferdy said. “He So he’s sitting there. He thinks he’ll come back, thinks you love him …”

James asked Ferdy to bring him a burger to take away, and when he left the restaurant he turned the corner to talk to the shaking old man sitting there.

James sat calmly on the floor next to the man and handed him the hamburger. Then he started talking to her. “So,” he said when he saw that the old man was more comfortable than he was. “What’s your name?”

Martin still believed his daughter would pick him up | Source: Pexel

The man smiled at her. “I’m Martin, Martin Duval.”

“How long have you been on Martin Street?” James asked.

Martin looked indignant. “I’m not on the street!” He is crying. “My daughter comes to pick me up and she takes me home. She’s just a little late …”

James asked Martin for his address and offered to drive him home. “Oh,” said Martin evasively. “Okay! Sharon will be here soon. I’ll wait for him.”

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James decided to investigate Martin Duval and quickly discovered that he was a former engineer and allegedly had a good pension and had his home in a nice neighborhood.

James’s investigation indicated that SOMEONE was collecting Martin’s pension and, armed with the home address, the officer ran into the girl. He knocked on the door and a sour-faced woman with a cigarette between her lips opened the door.

“What’s up?” she asked dryly. “I turned down the music!”

“I’m here to do a health check on Martin Duval,” James told the woman.

Sharon lived in her father’s nice house while Martin lived down the street | Source: Unsplash

The woman grabbed the door jamb and looked at James with concern. “Mm-martin Duval?” she stammered. “I’m Sharon Duval, his daughter. My father is out now … I’m playing cards with his friends …”

Giacomo smiles. “I’ll wait!” she said, looking Sharon Duval in her eyes. “I’m not in a hurry.”

Sharon had turned very pale. “Look,” she said. “To be honest, I don’t know where he is! He’s gotten a little senile …”

James nodded. “In that case, you have to come with me to the police station and file a missing person report,” he said.

Sharon was arrested for theft and fraud. | Source: Pexel

But when Sharon got to the police station, she was in for a surprise. Her father was sitting in a chair talking to a social worker! He looked at her and her face lit up. “Sharon! I knew you were coming to get me!

Out of kindness, James and the social worker didn’t tell Martin the truth: that Sharon had left him so she could cash her hefty monthly pension checks and live in his home.

The pain and sadness had led Martin to a nervous breakdown, but with the treatment and therapy he slowly recovered and resumed his life. As for Sharon, she spent several years in prison for fraud and theft. If Officer James McGowan had taken his eyes off the sad homeless man, Martin Duval would still be sitting in that corner.

Thanks to James, Martin got his life back | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • When we allow ourselves to feel compassion, we can help others. James’s empathy led him to want to help Martin Duval.
  • Bad deeds will be discovered sooner or later. Sharon thought no one would know about her terrible crimes until James came knocking on her door.

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