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Léa Drucker celebrates her 50th birthday on January 23rd! About her Her childhood her “painful” childhood, her famous family, her man, her daughter, her secret of happiness … What you didn’t know about Michel’s charming actress and granddaughter Drucker.

Lea Drucker celebrates 50 years January 23. The blue-eyed actress has proven her talent many times on the big screen and she even has been cesarean in 2019. However, younger, the grandson of Michel Drucker it was not intended at all comedy and preferred to wear ice skates. His (famous) family, his lonely youth, his difficult beginnings, his own couplethe maternityhis secrets of happiness… Find out everything you (maybe) didn’t know about the radiant and captivating actress.

Léa Drucker: her famous family

Léa Drucker was born on January 23, 1972 in Caen. She is there daughter of Jacques Drucker, brother of Michel Drucker, professor of medicine and brilliant epidemiologist. As for her mother, Martine Le Cornec, she is a former English teacher who later became the owner of an art gallery in Vains, Normandy.

The Drucker family she is well known to the general public, as her uncles are the famous entertainers Michael Drucker and the late founder of M6, John Drucker. Léa Drucker is also the journalist’s cousin Mary Drucker. Their paternal grandparents were born in Austria-Hungary and moved to France in 1925, where they were naturalized in 1937.

Léa Drucker was a “lonely” teenager.

Léa Drucker grows up as only child until the age of 18. His father then rebuilt his life and gave birth to two more daughters. “Camillo was born when I was 18, and Eva, when I was 20. But I’ve never shared daily family life with anyone else my age. I was therefore very lonelyWhile my mother, very extravagant, made me do many things. I wasn’t bored at home, but I remember it I was missing a presence“, He told us.

Léa Drucker: what helped her in the “cruel reality”

This lonelinessLéa Drucker suffers from growing up, she still allows it develop your imagination. “In my room, I made myself imaginary people so they “play” with me“, he explained to us. It is through his humor, which he inherits from his family, that the teenager gets out of the routine:”Every time I went to a different school, I had to reconnect. It is difficult for a child, the reality is sometimes cruel, but I had the tools. I felt I was capable of making others laugh and it is something I developed to make friends during my childhood and adolescence“.

Léa Drucker signed up for acting classes for a boy

Léa Drucker grew up, part of her youth, a United Statesin Washington, then Boston, where he fell in love with the ice-skating. But it is at the age of 15 that he discovers his true calling by participating in the Theater club from the Lycée Molière of Paris …. which he joined for a “guy he likes“according to his confidences a Madame Figaro. It’s finally the acting she falls in love with. Léa Drucker then began taking acting lessons at the École de la rue Blanche, to fulfill her desire to become an actress.

Léa Drucker: her “painful” journey.

My The acting career wasn’t easy at all. It was a long way before I could make a living with this job. The first ten years have been difficult and painful because I couldn’t be sure I could become an actress, but that was really what I wanted to do“, Léa Drucker told al Women’s diary.

Then cross the street by Edouard Baerwho offered her a job as a columnist on the airwaves of Radio Nova. In the 90s, Léa Drucker started living off her true passion by playing theathral show such as The Misanthropedirected by Roger Hanin, o White, directed by Zabou Breitman and Matthieu Le Bihan. She too is taking its first steps cinema in 1991 a Moneyby Philippe Galland.

Léa Drucker: the man of her life

Lea Drucker is PACS with the the director Julien Rambaldiwho, among other things, directed the film The best friends in the world. In 2014 they give birth to a little Marta. However, for a long time, the actress did not want to have children. “Meeting Julien and his children, Dino and Mia, changed my perception of things. I became optimistic about love. I allowed myself to live what I had more or less forbidden myself. I was finally able to build“, He explained to Paris match.

Léa Drucker, changed by motherhood

The maternity profoundly transformed Léa Drucker, whom she had detailed with Female version: “When I became a mother three years ago, I felt the need to show some form of responsibility. I was a very pessimistic person, until when I meet my partner and we have a son. When my daughter was born, I thought we should give it to her a strong name offering him weapons to defend himself“.

Léa Drucker, Caesarized actress

In 2019, Léa Drucker won the Cesare as best actress for his role in Up to the hilt, by Xavier Legrand, a film about Domestic violence. After receiving her precious award, the actress delivers an inspiring speech: “Violence begins with words, we do not understand that these words are the beginning of a threat. I would like to thank all the feminists who sometimes face storms of insults“.

Léa Drucker: her favorite pastime

the The secret of happiness by Léa Drucker? “and dance“, She fell with Madame Figaro. The actress likes to live “from the very strong moments of disconnection“In its place.”I dance at home, where I go to a party when there is one, when I can“, he explained. She would be ready to surprise us Dance with the stars?

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