Louane, headliner of the “Visions” series: “Being unique allows you to move forward”

Double return to origins for Louane
! Unveiled in “The Voice, the most beautiful voice” in 2013, the singer and actress will make her debut as a juror in the upcoming season of “The Voice Kids”, on TF1. She is also expected in “Visions”, the new original creation of the same channel, to be discovered for the first time this Sunday on the front page.

César for the best female hope for the film “The Bélier family”, the young woman with this series holds her first role on television. She plays Sarah, a school psychologist who will create a special bond with Diego, an 8-year-old boy.

The story begins when a teenager goes missing during a birthday party. Diego, one of the guests, has since manifested strange visions that immediately alert Romain (Soufiane Guerrab), the gendarmerie captain in charge of the investigation, who is also Sarah’s husband. What if what Diego sees or draws has something to do with the girl’s disappearance? Even more surprising: the boy seems to know a few things about Sarah’s past. A past that he erased from her memory, following a post-traumatic shock, which will resurface and disturb his certainties.

This is the first time I’ve played a character this far from me
“Admits Louane. To prepare, she was able to count on the support of her coach, Catherine Chevallier, who has followed her for years and with whom she has trained Sarah for months. “
I also talked a lot with my little sister, who is currently studying psychology. Our discussions have nourished me and my personal preparation has been enriched by her experience.
“, Specifies the one who, with all the respect she has for the shrink, could never have taken this path. “
It is too emotionally difficult
. “

At 25, Louane had never given substance to a romantic relationship in a fictional series. Something she feared a lot, she who wants to be quite discreet on a private level (in case you didn’t know it yet: she cooed with Florian Rossi, her daughter Esme’s father and that of the musicians of Stromae). Her modesty aside, couple scenes were finally a real treat to put in a box. “
Soufiane was very respectful, which was not always the case with my other playmates
“, Breathe, referring to the previous shots.

But what really attracted the young woman to this project was the desire to work with a child. Not always an easy exercise. “
I’ve always talked to Léon Durieux, who plays Diego, and to my daughter as if they were adults
“Explains the actress of her approach with the little ones. “
If we take the time and explain things in simple words, children are able to understand everything
. “

Not like the others

In addition to an exciting investigation, “Visions” also offers a dive into the fascinating world of mediumship and, through this gift, deals with the theme of difference in a very accurate way. “
No one is ever truly like the others
“Sarah says to Diego. A reply that she could no longer be voiced by her interpreter, diagnosed hyperactive at the age of 8. “
Being unique allows us to move forward and excel at what we do best. It is something magical!
“And Louane, Anne Peichert of her real name, to conclude:”
Being different from others was a source of suffering. I would have grown and blossomed more easily if someone told me my singularity would be my strength later on
. “

“Visions”, from this Sunday 8 May, at 8:55 pm on the front page.

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