“Never without my mother”: who are these actors who never separate from their mother?

Neither the notoriety, nor the roles, nor the millions are worth the love these stars have for their mothers. More than their achievements, it is they who accompany them on the red carpets and manage their careers.

Ryan Gosling and Donna

Ryan Gosling (41) has a deep admiration for his mother. When her father left them, when the actor was only 13, Donna sacrificed everything to raise her children alone. “She barely had enough to pay the rent,” says the actor. “She was juggling the accounts.” Since becoming a father himself, Ryan Gosling is even more grateful for his mother’s upbringing than he is. Donna also became very attached to Eva Mendes, the actor’s wife. When she fails to accompany her husband to her movie previews, she lends her clothes to Donna di lei so that she can walk the red carpet alongside her in designer clothes.

Adrien Rabiot and Veronique

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