“Never without my mother”: who are these actors who never separate from their mother?

Neither the notoriety, nor the roles, nor the millions are worth the love these stars have for their mothers. More than their achievements, it is they who accompany them on the red carpets and manage their careers.

Ryan Gosling and Donna

Ryan Gosling (41) has a deep admiration for his mother. When her father left them, when the actor was only 13, Donna sacrificed everything to raise her children alone. “She barely had enough to pay the rent,” says the actor. “He was juggling the accounts.” Since becoming a father himself, Ryan Gosling is even more grateful for his mother’s upbringing than he is. Donna also became very attached to Eva Mendes, the actor’s wife. When she fails to accompany her husband to her movie previews, she lends her clothes to Donna di lei so that she can walk the red carpet alongside her in designer clothes.

Adrien Rabiot and Veronique

Véronique Rabiot stands out in the microcosm of football. The mother of the Juventus midfielder is the agent of her son. She is tough in business, she doesn’t hesitate to speak out publicly to defend her son’s financial interests.

Bradley Cooper and Gloria

Since his father’s death in 2011, Brad-ley Cooper (47) has returned to live with his 80-year-old mother, Gloria Campano. Hand in hand, they tried to recover from the loss of this loved one. Since then, they have been inseparable. Gloria often accompanies her son to social events. She was by her side at the 94th Academy Awards. Very protective, Gloria must first give her son her blessing before she begins a new romantic relationship. If her flirtation with Jennifer Lopez failed, it’s because Gloria vetoed him.

Ryan Reynolds and Tammy

What Blake Lively didn’t know when she married Ryan Reynolds (45) was that she would also marry her mother, Tammy. After the celebrity couple got married, Tammy temporarily moved in with them to organize their married life.

Pascal Obispo and Nicole

Pascal Obispo (57) has entrusted the management of his finances to his mother, Nicole, in charge of the singer’s career.

Justin Timberlake and Lynn

Justin Timberlake (41) is so crazy about his mother, Lynn, that he got his initials tattooed on his lower back. “She has always been my best friend,” said the singer on the columns of Rolling Stones magazine. “She is always there for me and I think she is part of my problem with girls: I spend my time looking for a perfect woman like my mother.”

Zac Efron and Starla

When his acting career began, Zac Efron (34) couldn’t bear to be away from his mother for too long. While filming, even thousands of miles away, he finds time to visit his mother who loves washing her clothes and making breakfast.

Diddy and Janice

Diddy never travels without his mother, Janice. She was by her side when she received her star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, but she also held her arm at every Grammy Awards ceremony. Sean Combs, her real name, has only one goal in life: to make her mother proud. “I exist only because of this wonderful, hardworking, loving, funny, true, genuine, intelligent and absolutely extraordinary woman.” Last year, Janice celebrated her 80th birthday and the rapper showed her the full extent of her love by giving her a million dollar check and a new Bentley.

Justin Bieber and Pattie

In her autobiography, Pattie Mallette explains that it was the birth of her son, Justin, that allowed her to escape a more than uncertain future. Which explains why the relationship she has with the pop star is so close. She pattie was only 17 when she became pregnant with Justin Bieber. A few months earlier, she, a victim of sexual abuse, she had attempted suicide. The arrival of her baby gave her a new zest for life.

Jay-Z and Gloria

Jay Z has a very special relationship with his mother, Gloria Carter. In a song, entitled “December 4”, referring to the rapper’s date of birth, she tells that her mother, despite having given birth to three children before him, has always considered him as her little treasure. “He’s the only one of my parts that wasn’t painful, she justified herself. From that moment on I realized it was special ”. Years later, Gloria confided to her son that he was gay. Confidences that moved Jay Z to tears. Beyoncé’s husband realized how difficult it was to hide such a secret from this woman to whom he owes so much.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Irmelin

And the title of Hollywood’s most famous mom’s boy goes to … Leonardo DiCaprio, who has always preferred the company of his mother, Irmelin, to that of his friends. It is also said that it is because of the overprotective mother that the actor’s conquests, from Gisele Bündchen to Bar Refaeli, have left him. Leonardo DiCaprio, who can’t stand being away from his parents for too long, bought him a house within walking distance of him. A former secretary in a law firm, Irmelin gave up her career to look after her son’s. As a manager, she manages his finances, accompanies him on all his travels and validates all his role choices.

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