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Ncuti Gatwa, who has just been announced as the new doctor in the BBC’s long-running science fiction series Doctor who, spoke of his historic cast as the iconic time lord. One of the main tenants of Doctor whoThe unique identity of is the ability to regularly change the main cast: in the series, the Doctor has the ability to change his physical appearance when he is near death and “regenerate” in a new body, which has been an integral part of the series. since 1966 The idea was originally developed for Doctor who to continue after William Hartnell got too sick to continue in the lead role and has since continued the series for nearly six decades. But the concept also allowed the show itself to “regenerate” frequently, with each new Doctor often introducing a new showrunner, visual style and new interpretation of the character, ensuring that Doctor who it remains constantly fresh and diverse.

In July last year it was announced that Jodie Whittaker, who currently plays the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor, will be leaving the series when the three specials air in 2022, starring current showrunner Chris Chibnall. It was later confirmed that the former Doctor who Showrunner Russell T. Davies would return to GameSpot after 13 years to direct the show’s 60th anniversary and the fourteenth series thereafter. Whittaker’s successor as the Time Lord has remained a mystery, however, with speculations swirling among fans as to who will play the new Doctor. It was officially revealed today in a surprise CBS announcement that Sex education Star Ncuti Gatwa will play the 14th Doctor. This marks another historic first for the series as Gatwa will be the first BIPOC actor to play the Time Lord as the lead in the series.

Gatwa also made an incredibly touching statement about her casting for the role. Revealed as part of the official announcement on the Doctor Who sitethe actor describes how he feels “deeply honored, more than excited and obviously a little scared”On the representation of the hero who travels in time. Check out the new doctor’s first full statement on the role here:

There are really no words to describe how I feel. A mixture of deeply honored, more than excited and obviously a little scared. This role and this show mean so much to so many people around the world, including myself, and each of my incredibly talented predecessors handled this unique responsibility and privilege with the utmost care. I’ll do my best to do the same. Russell T Davies is almost as iconic as the Doctor himself and being able to work with him is a dream come true. His writing is dynamic, exciting, incredibly intelligent and full of dangers. An actor’s metaphorical playground. The whole team was very welcoming and really gave their heart to the show. And even though he’s intimidating, I’m aware that I’m joining a truly supportive family. Unlike the Doctor, I may have only one heart, but I give my all for this show.

Gatwa’s claim that “[the] the show means so much to so many people … including me”Indicates that the actor is huge Doctor who fan himself, as did his predecessors David Tennant and Peter Capaldi. The actor also suggests that he is particularly fond of Davies’ early days as a Doctor whothe showrunner, which aired between 2005 and 2010. His claim that working with the writer “it’s a dream come true“and that”Davies is almost as iconic as the Doctor himselfIt implies that Gatwa grew up watching the show’s first revival series starring Christopher Eccleston and Tennant as the Time Lord. Although the “intimidating“The prospect of being the 14th Doctor made the actor feel like”a little scared“, His enthusiasm and his determination to”to give everything [his heart] to this show”Is palpable.

In addition to the historical nature of her casting, as well as the enduring popularity of her character in Eric Sex educationthis will likely be an added bonus for many fans of the sci-fi series that Gatwa is clearly a huge one Doctor who fan himself. It was definitely a factor that worked well for Tennant’s fan-favorite Tenth Doctor and while it’s unclear exactly when audiences will get their first taste of the 14th Doctor in action, Gatwa’s statement and his relationship with Doctor who no doubt he will reassure many fans that the role is in the best of hands.

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