The children chase their mother from her property after she refuses to sell it

A mother who struggled to provide for her two children was kicked out of the house by them so that they could earn millions after her husband’s death.

“Can you save her, doctor?” Todd Wilson asked the doctor that he was about to perform a caesarean section on his wife.

“Your wife will be fine, Mr. Wilson, leave it to me,” replied the doctor before leaving the room.

Half an hour later, Todd heard the screams of his children and knew they had arrived. The doctor had saved his wife and children, leaving a strong impression on the man.

Olive, his wife, returned to the estate with him and they became the proud parents of their twin children, whom they named Cole and Elijah.

The couple had no education; Olive had dropped out of college after becoming pregnant with twins and her husband had always been a rancher. They lived peacefully on a medium-sized ranch where Elijah practiced various farming methods, including animal husbandry. Since they never received an education, Olive and her husband no longer wanted anything for their boys.

“You will both become doctors,” Todd said as soon as he picked them up for the first time. For him, saving another human life was a very noble profession, so his children would become nothing more than doctors.

Olive lived as a housewife with her husband, never lacking for anything to raise their two children. They both worked tirelessly so that their children could become doctors.

When Todd died in a buffalo stampede, Olive was left alone to care for the two boys, who were already teenagers. Times got tough for them and they started receiving offers from other breeders for their properties.

Olive started working as a housekeeper at a wealthy man’s estate | Source: Pexel

To get by, Olive started working as a cleaner on a wealthy man’s estate. It was all she her abilities could handle, but she was very diligent in her work, keeping the mansion perfectly clean as she slowly entered the older man’s heart.

She appreciated her dedication and kindness, which prompted her to pay her a little extra whenever she could. All the money she earned, Olive invested in her savings that she used to sponsor their education.

She did this for years until they entered college to study medicine, just as Olive and her late husband had desired. The kids didn’t care much about saving lives, but they didn’t want to disappoint their parents, so they played together.

Things changed when they were approached by one of the wealthy ranchers who wanted to buy his father’s property. He gave them words that made them want the amount of money, and they swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker.

At one point, the breeder even stopped in his speech to look at their room in disgust, making sure they could see his expression. “You may be living in luxury and not having to work for a long time with the money you will receive from selling this property to us,” the man said.

Elijah and Cole were approached by one of the wealthy ranchers who wanted to buy his father’s property | Source: Pexel

His words had a significant impact on the boys and all they could do after the breeder left was fantasize about the life they knew could be theirs.

“We should go back to the property to discuss this with our mother,” Elijah told his brother, who wholeheartedly agreed.

On the property they greet their mother, but they don’t tell her the reason for their visit until they sit down to eat that day.

“Mom, we have something to tell you,” Cole said worriedly. The boys both know their mothers won’t accept their offer, but they are determined to get what they want.

“We thought about it, Mom, and we decided to take John’s offer to buy the land.”

Olive’s spoonful of soup was halfway out of her mouth when she heard the phrase, and that’s where she stood, motionless, staring at her soup as if a war was going on there.

Olive was thrown off the property by her children | Source: Pexel

Indeed, the conflict situation was on his mind. “I’ll never sell this property,” she said coldly, lowering the spoon to her plate.

“If we do it now, we have a lot to gain mom,” Elijah said. “Things are not going well right now and we really need this money.”

“I repeat, this property is not for sale!” she screamed, then got up and walked away.

“We know Dad left the land in our name, Mom. We visited the lawyer on our way here,” Cole replied. “As such, we can decide to do what we want with it.”

The next day, Olive was kicked out of the house by her own children, who told her to move in with her brothers. However, they all turned down when she called her asking for her favor. Everyone seemed to have an excuse or another as to why they couldn’t help her. So Olive had to go to a homeless shelter.

During the day, the grieving woman worked for the rich man, Mr. Williams, and in the evening she spent the night at the shelter where she quickly made friends thanks to her kindness.

These helped him slowly heal his broken heart. She also quickly became fond of Mr. Williams, to whom she told his life story of him.

Mr. Williams, whom Olive had grown fond of, suddenly died | Source: Shutterstock

One day, he goes to work and sees the man’s villa invaded by people. He had apparently died in the morning and his nurse, who had been assigned to assist him, had called an ambulance.

Olive was saddened to lose a friend and a good job. But a few days later, a luxury car pulled up in front of the homeless shelter where she was staying. She was led by a lawyer who told Olive that Mr. Williams had left her all of her fortune. However, there was a condition of her: she could not share it with her children, her brothers and all those who had estranged from her.

Olive accepted the blessing and followed the man’s instructions to the letter, leaving her children and brothers out, to be spent only on the new family that had been created at the shelter.

He renovated the shelter, bought enough food to make them last a long time, and even obtained medicine for the residents.

When Olive’s boys later found out that their mother had become a millionaire, they asked her to share some of the money with them, but she refused, saying it belonged only to her and to him, her real family, those who l ‘they sustained in his sad moments.

When Olive became a millionaire, she refused to share her money with her greedy children. | Source: Pexel

What have we taken away from this story?

  • Let your children express themselves. Olive and Todd wanted their children to become doctors, but they had no desire to save lives. The kids just wanted to please their parents, but in the long run they began to resent forcing them to do something they didn’t care about.
  • Evil never goes unpunished. The boys kicked their mother off the property she shared with their deceased father and thought they’d get away with it. Karma came to balance things out by giving Olive all the wealth she could possibly need, proving that evil never goes unpunished.

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