The guys from “The Wilds” are living up to subversive expectations with the debut of the second season

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Solve. With season 2 of The savages by introducing a new island full of all the kids, the pressure had increased to tell a unique survival story and the newcomers were ready for the challenge.

During the new episodes of the Prime Video series, due out on Friday 6 May, the stars Carlo Alessandro And Alex Fitzalan they were able to explore many layers of their respective characters who offered important comments on the subversion of the label.

“This is something that really drew me to the show in the first place, it was just seeing how the first season introduced these archetypal characters, and then you can’t help but judge them,” said Alexander, who plays Kirin, exclusively. . We weekly before the second season. “Then, as the story progresses, your perspective changes and you think, ‘Oh, don’t judge a book by its cover.”

the dear mother The actor noted that he was pleasantly surprised by the journey Kirin ended up in. “It’s the emblem, or at least looks like the emblem, of toxic masculinity and the lacrosse team is like that on the nose,” he said. “But very soon I had great encounters with [creator and executive producer] Sarah Streicher and he understood that there is a deep wound there and that this motivates him. He is very vulnerable in this external aspect.

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Fitzalan, 26, for his part, also went through an on-screen transformation as Seth struggled between his need to be loved and his secret identity as an agent. These internal problems ended in a frightening decision when Seth sexually assaulted Josh (Nicolas Combe) at the end of episode 4.

“Learning what’s going on was a pretty intense experience and I was petrified filming this movie [or] filming anything related to an attack in this way. But we talked and there was a lot of confidence to make sure we did well. ” The society alum explained to We. “[There was also] making sure the intent of it all comes true because it’s such a big part of The Boys story as we go from the fairly lighthearted first four episodes to a darker tone in the last four. It’s just trusting the creators and that everything will come together in a truly impactful way.

Although Josh initially chooses not to tell anyone what happened, his new friend Kirin quickly convinces him to reconsider. For Coombe, 27, taking the tricky turn really pushed the envelope for him as an actor. “Episode 4 is a life-changing moment for Josh. So, as an actor, you’re reading this in the script for the first time and it’s one of those things where you have to reread it 3 or 4 times to really process what’s on. page. lost city of gold detailed star. “To do such a scene, it took a lot of preparation to be honest with you.”

Coombe praised the “really important” work done behind the scenes to get closer to the story “in the best possible way” for the audience. “After seeing how it all went together, it was such a powerful, heartbreaking and heartbreaking scene. I think it went as planned and it was something special, “she added.

As Seth faced the consequences of his actions, Josh began to assert himself with the protection of the other boys. “[Josh] he’s the kind of person who wants to fit in with people so much that he’s about to say something and just doesn’t think about it and is going a little too far. But he really tries to be that good guy, “continued Coombe.” He [starts out] being this ignorant, neurotic, innocent child and going through this huge change on the island where then others really give him the opportunity to be heard.

Josh’s bond with Kirin helped both boys feel comfortable in their new roles on the island. Alexander talked about the growth Kirin had to go through as a result of her friendship with Josh. “The public sees this vulnerability for the first time [Kirin] during that interaction with Josh in episode five, where she confides in him, ”recalls the actor. “We see Kirin letting go of everything and accepting it. Not only that, but then he becomes the protector and displays a kind of strength other than aggression. He protects, nurtures and cares for the weakest member of the group.

Fans also got to see Ivan grow through his island experience, which was interesting for Miles Gutierrez-Riley to take.

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“Ivan obviously brings his opinion to the table quite quickly and easily. But having different dynamics on the set, which have different ways of dealing with things, it’s like you’re always feeding on someone else’s energy and it fuels your desires and actions more, ”said Gutierrez-Riley. We. “The most exciting thing about a show like this is that we constantly troubleshoot and navigate these very emotional sticky situations.”

For the future, the moon and back The actor pointed out that there are ways Ivan could go even further in a potential third season. “Eventually Ivan learns that compassion, empathy, sensitivity and understanding are as powerful as standing up for oneself,” he concluded. . “Ivan has a lot of potential to be a community leader. He is very smart and funny. If he combines this with his ability to stand up for what he believes is right and this new understanding of emotional intelligence and vulnerability, it makes me someone who could be a great leader or someone who can bring people together.

Tanner Ray Rook And Reed Shannonwho played best friends Bo and Scotty respectively, also had their own hopes for their characters now that the girls and boys are stuck together.

“I’d like to see a little more of Bo’s dark side. We don’t see him much, but there’s an anger and a darkness in him that I think he’s afraid to touch and let out too, “Rook joked.” But given the situation he’s in, I think it’s probably there. only way to go “.

Shannon, 21, would like to see Scotty take on more of a leadership role. “Scotty is one of the most practical people on both islands. I’d love to see him give yours a shot [Barack] Obama style, “he shared with We. “He needs to take his rightful place as chief decision maker so that we don’t all end up dying in a bunker or something.”

Season 2 of The savages is now available to stream on Prime Video.

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