Victoria Beckham, Chrissy Teigen … they backed off on cosmetic surgery

Mouths and voluminous breasts, too refined noses … Gone are the days when women were victims of the choices of their youth. From now on, surgeons strive to fix the mistakes of the past.

Operational acts that evolve badly, techniques that have become obsolete, passing fads … LThere are many reasons to reconsider decisions about cosmetic medicine or surgery. And a new clientele is emerging in search of “degrowth”. In his Paris office, Marc Divaris, a plastic surgeon who works at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, observes: ” It is not uncommon for women in their fifties to ask me to have their breast implants removed or to have smaller ones. First, because the heavy implants caused the chest to sag; also because a lower cup slims the silhouette. “ A 90 D 30 years ago immediately “mom” over 45 years old. From child to matron … the effect is no longer the same. The passing of the years invites to elegance and … to self-acceptance.

We are in 2017 when, in an editorial for rowing, Victoria Beckham addresses the girl she was : ” Dear Victoria, I know you are in pain right now. You don’t think you’re pretty enough, not skinny enough … But don’t worry: adolescence is almost over […] you have to learn to love yourself as you are […] Do not re-breast, have faith in yourself.When her prostheses were fitted at the age of 18, David Beckham’s wife, now more refined meanwhile, he removed them before his 40th birthday. In 2020, model with 37.5 million Instagram followers Chrissy Teigen, 36, explained: I’ll have my breasts removed! They have been great for me for years, but I got tired of them. I wish I could zip a dress in my size. Paradoxically, from a certain age, excessive surgery can age a face. Going back to a more natural look makes sense.The evolution of techniques accompanies this trend.

If, in girls, hyaluronic acid manages to increase the volume of the lips, it has the advantage of being an absorbable product. Their elders who used silicone – a permanent product – sometimes I regretted it, like Emmanuelle Béart, 58 years old . In 2012, the star told the World : I had my mouth cleaned when I was 27. It is not an enigma for anyone: it is lacking. […] I have heard testimonies from women who said it made their life more beautiful, easier. Much better. There are others he has profoundly influenced, and I’m more like one of them. “ But in 2022 the techniques have evolved: there is no longer a need to suffer from a decision made years before.

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“Today nobody wants what is too visible”

Marc Divaris explains: ” We are now very ready to remove the silicone by carving the lips. The specialist continues: Surgeons are in great demand to reconsider procedures that have not “aged” well. Those who have exaggerated with liposuction end up with the buttocks “in a drop of oil” because no more fat supports the volumes. In these cases, we add fat. Those who have had their eyes drawn too much with the “fox eyes” technique. sometimes they wear weird looks that require relaxation. Those who got a facelift too early when they were round, then those who lost weight want us to rebalance everything. For us French we talked about “French touch” who were the first to practice a reasonable dosage of cosmetic surgery. Today it is a norm, no one wants what is too visible, except perhaps an active minority of influencers.

Claude Levy, surgeon and aesthetic doctor, observes: ” I am often asked how to escape the operation to avoid the irreversible effect. Rhinoplasty can be performed with tensor threads or hyaluronic acid. In an emergency, this product dissolves with hyaluronidase. If you are not satisfied with the result, it is easier to correct than to go to the operating room. “April 9th One Direction producer Simon Cowell, 62, told Sun: ” I stopped the injections […] overnight I no longer recognized myself to the point that my frightened 8-year-old son asked me to stop everything.Yolanda Hadid, mother of the peaks Gigi and Bella Hadid, 58, kidnapped in 2019 all foreign products from [son] body in a kind of injection detox. At Clinique Lutétia, in Paris, for those who wax too young, they also offer eyebrow transplants. Correct the aesthetic errors of the past? Here is the new beauty eldorado for 50 year olds.

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