What is bio banding, the new training method taught at the rugby school of Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme)?

Wednesday training day at the Mas stadium for the young graduates of the USI rugby school. Some are as tall as three apples and yet the desire to bring the oval into the goal area is already there. “My brother taught me that and I wanted to, because I like to face,” smiles 7-year-old Hailey. Some gestures still lack security for this little girl, but her pleasure can be read on her face. As on that of educators and volunteer leaders who, attentive to the safety and progress of children, transmit their passion for this sport, which is inseparable from the values ​​of respect and sharing.

The method implemented at the beginning of the season

“Our goal at the rugby school is to help children to have self-confidence, to grow well, explains Jean-Philippe Caïetta, vice president. They are taught respect for others, instructions and group life. This is the spirit of rugby. To maintain and develop this training goal, new types of work blocks were established at the beginning of the season by Alexandre Fraissard, technical manager and player himself.

Growth and maturityChildren perform training according to their body size and physical maturity.

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Training protocols, fun and adapted to each category, from U6 to U14, have been developed throughout the season, between each period of the school holidays. They take into account physical maturity rather than age. It is bio-banding. Often, in this period of their growth, the differences in physical maturity, in corpulence, are important.

Nice surprise for the little rugby players

From that moment on, a young man who is taller and stronger than his peers will be able to carry out sessions with other children of the higher category. If he meets players of his physical level, he will have to develop other skills to compete with his opponents. And so is progress.

“The educational project takes into account the individual characteristics of the children. The goal is that they have fun and that they progress by touching more balls, that they feel valued “.

Alexandre Fraissard (state certified technician)

The roadmap provided to educators favors training by level groups. A young player’s booklet accompanies girls and boys from U6 to U12 and allows them to validate their results (tackles, passes, inclusion in the group, etc.)

Play safety and fun

From this work at the rugby school with the youngest, and depending on the rugby that the club wants to create in the future, the methods evolve. The first results are already visible. “It allows many children to improve and everyone can have fun in complete safety”, continues Alexandre Fraissard.A little rest after a workout at the Mas stadium.

Why USI Rugby Hopes is the future of Mauve et Noir in Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme)

The fundamentals are not forgotten. In reverse. Cohesion is still and always at the heart of the training of young people who participate in courses and outings organized by the club. The next one will take place at the end of June, in Port-la-Nouvelle, in the Aude.
This season, more than 160 boys and girls have discovered or continued the practice of rugby at USI. The success of the XV of France, winner of the Six Nations Tournament, could convince new ones. Additionally, the school plans to open a children’s rugby section next season.

Information. Rugby school, Jean-Philippe Caïetta: Email :usi.rugby@orange.fr.

David Allignon

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