Why was Megamind an animated film ahead of its time?

Currently, one of the most popular genres in movies and series is undoubtedly that of superheroes, with several films from different manufacturers such as Marvel and DC, striving to be the most profitable among fans. For this reason, in recent years there has been a growing approach of productions trying to make fun of the superhero archetype, with “The boys “presenting them as corrupt people and with totally heinous actions, or”Invincible with its bloody history.

However, if these productions are among the most popular today, in their time DreamWorks animation was one of the great forerunners with “mega-mind “, the story of a blue alien genius with a huge head, who, although his otherworldly parents have a bright future in mind for him, ends up wanting to be a total villain, finding his enemy in Metro Man, who has powers like flight is super strength.

Although at first the animated film seems to do the typical story of the villain kidnapping a girl and being saved by the protector of the city, the story changes completely when the Megamind trap works against Metro Man, taking the life of the superhero and achieving victory. that he has longed for all his life.

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It was a big twist, especially as it went against everything superhero fans had been conditioned to believe. The villains never have a definitive victory over the hero, but “Megamind” took a completely opposite direction and gave birth to a new narrative in the superhero story, being a totally interesting adventure and showing the vision of what happens when the badly wins

With his victory, Megamind finally manages to completely dominate Metro City, but he soon discovers that there is no one to stop him, making his life completely meaningless, which sends him into some sort of existential crisis, as he has no heroes. to fight with. However, later in the film, it is revealed that Metro Man never died and simply decided to retire, living a quiet life out of the public eye.

This breaks another long tradition, as many superheroes cannot retire or die in their stories. Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman have all either temporarily retired or died in their stories, but no matter what, they always come back, making Metro Man the first hero to break the cycle between hero and villain.

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Likewise, another of the key points of “Megamind” is his servile companion, who seems to be his true friend, since he has kept him with him since he was a child. Most superhero stories show the villain having a bad relationship with his henchman, like the Joker and Harley Quinn for example, while it seems that Megamind and Minion have a sincere friendship.

Furthermore, the character of Roxanne, the journalist who is kidnapped by Megamind but then begins to develop a close relationship, totally shatters the stereotype of the damsel in distress, showing a courageous and capable attitude, undeterred by the misdeeds she commits in the beginning. Megamind, or ultimately helping him solve the bad guy’s problems. Most love interests in superhero movies tend to be passive characters in the storytelling, with Roxanne being one of the few to challenge this role.

Although “Megamind” was a box office failure for Dreamworks when it premiered, it has become a cult film in recent years, with many fans around the world enjoying its good storytelling and characters, granting it the merit it deserves and have considered it an animated film ahead of its time.

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