Windsor: When Margaret became Diana’s best enemy

VS ‘is the story of a friendship gone bad … In a new book about Windsors, biographer Andrew Morton tells how Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, ended up becoming Diana’s archenemy the day she decided to attack frontally the Windsors. A caustic story that the British journalist, known for his numerous biographies dedicated to the royal family, describes with gusto Elizabeth & Margaret, in the intimacy of the Windsor sisterspublished this spring by L’Archipel.

In the beginning it all started well … Princess Margaret, known for her damned temper, immediately takes a liking to young Diana, who arrives overnight at the Windsors. He will guide her in the midst of the clan and her snares, her shoulder and advises her, goes out with her to the theater, plays the guardian angels, a role appreciated by Diana, who barely feels supported by her husband, the Prince Charles of hers. “I’ve always loved Margo, she confided to Andrew Morton, before the breakup. I love her unconditionally and she has been wonderful to me from day one. “When the company begins to be bothered by the moods or depression of the young Princess of Wales, Margaret even plays the firefighters on duty asking her sister Elizabeth to give her time to adjust. “She. Let her do as she wants,” she said to the queen. You leave her alone and everything will be fine … “

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But Margaret begins to distance herself from 1992 – the famous annus horribilis – when the two daughters-in-law, Diana and Fergie, will show the Windsors all the colors. First save by publishing Diana, her true story, by Andrew Morton himself, who recounts his depressions and his failed marriage, written with the active collaboration of the Princess of Wales. Her second save with Fergie, whom Margaret has always found “rude and greedy,” photographed as she gets her toes sucked by her lover in the south of France.

“Damn girl”

Margaret chooses her field and logically approaches her sister, shocked by these revelations. Even though she hasn’t cut ties with her ex-protégé yet, she advises Charles to get a quick divorce, which isn’t on the agenda at the time. “Poor Lilibet and Charles have gone to great lengths to get rid of this damn girl, but she resists,” then she spreads during dinners, says Andrew Morton in his book. Her pinnacle, according to her, was reached in 1995 when Diana complained about her three-way marriage – with Charles and Camilla – on the show. Panorama, on the BBC. While she questions her husband and future king’s ability to reign …

This time is the last straw: Elizabeth II’s sister feels personally betrayed, throws away all her magazines dedicated to Diana at night, forbids her children to see her and writes her a “painful” letter in which she gives him the background of his thoughts – in other words, he reproaches him for having let everyone down. “From that day on Margaret became her fiercest critic and her most relentless opponent,” writes Andrew Morton in his book. He recommends that Elizabeth II exclude her from her clan and demands the loss of her titles, which was done in July 1996, as Diana was deprived of her predicate of Royal Highness.

too much noise

It would have been thought that the death of the princess a year later would have appeased Margaret. Not so: if she sympathizes with William and Harry’s fate, she regrets the “turmoil” caused by her death and the accumulation of rotting flowers under her windows at Kensington Palace. “This Di mania goes too far,” she believes she. All those flowers all over the driveways, it was just awful… ”She advises Elizabeth to keep it to a minimum, without big funerals or family outbursts. The queen will not follow her advice, urged by Tony Blair to join the pain of her people … Margaret will do as well as her sister, she will greet the passage of the coffin of this poor Lady Di in front of the Buckingham gates, in front of the cameras of the whole world. That won’t stop him from discussing the renovation of the Kensington Palace bathrooms with the queen at the same time …

Gruff Margaret doesn’t stop there: in the months that follow, she pushes her resentment to physically destroy Diana’s memory all the way to the bottom of the closets. We see her sorting out and destroying dozens of letters the princess had written to the Queen Mother, then putting them in large black sacks and ordering their immediate destruction, instead of sending them to the family archives kept in one of the towers of Windsor Castle … Resentment until the end.

Elizabeth & Margaret, in the intimacy of the Windsor sistersby Andrew Morton, L’Archipel editions.

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