After the death of his mother, a son finds by chance a photo of his childhood with her and a boy who looks like him: story of the day

A man visited his mother’s home after her death and discovered an old photo of her with another boy, who looked a lot like her. She then decided to find the boy in the photo, to find out her identity. This is how she learned a shocking secret about her mother’s past.

Although most people are particularly attached to the childhood home, Ben Dixon was determined to get rid of his old Texas property after his mother died. A week after the funeral, he had already contacted a specialized agency to find buyers.

To his surprise, he quickly found a couple interested in buying the house.

Ben and his wife Cassandra then traveled from New York that week to meet potential buyers. They were inspecting the house with the agent, Mr. Franklin, when Cassandra came across one of her childhood albums.

“Hey, Ben!” Cassandra said. “Regarde ça. Tu étais très adorable quand tu étais enfant! Je suis curieuse de savoir s’il ya d’autres albums ici. Et aussi, je you conseille de reconsiderer la vente de la maison, chéri. Elle contient tes souvenirs après tutto . “

Ben shrugged. “To be honest, I don’t have many happy memories here, Cassandra. Mom and I never talked to each other after I left. You know, I never got it. It didn’t bother me. I never talked about mine. father, even after I begged her several times. I used to see other kids at baseball games with their fathers, but I was just sitting in the corner alone, thinking about mine. “

“Oh, Ben,” Cassandra hugged him and continued. “I’m sure she had her reasons. You know she loved you. She gave you a good education, helped you become a lawyer and raised you on your own. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to be a single mother, Ben . You must understand that he would not have done all this if he had not loved you. “

“Yeah whatever…”

Cassandra advised Ben to rethink selling the house. | Source: Pexel

“Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,” it was Mr. Franklin who interrupted them. “Our guests are here. Can we start the tour?”

“Oh sure, we’re on our way,” Cassandra said smiling. She then she turned to Ben. “No need to rush, Ben, remember this. You can always refuse to sell the house. The decision is yours.”

“I have no doubts. I’m going to sell Cassandra’s house. I don’t want to stay here another minute, believe me. And as for this album, well … I would have preferred her son to put it above those activities. its place. We don’t need it. “

“Absolutely not, Ben. I’ll keep him! Our kids should know how handsome their dad was when he was little.”

“Okay, do what you want!” Ben said casually.

Cassandra kept the album in her bag and made a final touch up before meeting the new buyers. Their meeting lasted about an hour, during which they took a full tour of the house and discussed the final price. At the end of the meeting, Ben and Cassandra decide to eat at a restaurant in town.

Ben and Cassandra stopped for lunch at a restaurant. | Source: Pexel

When they arrived, Ben told his wife to go in first, because he wanted to park the car a little further away. Cassandra got out of the car and walked away, not realizing that she had left the bag in the car. Ben noticed this and took the bag from her seat after he had parked the car.

Suddenly the album fell out and caught Ben’s attention. “Did you really take it, Cassandra? Seriously? Are you still a girl?” he grumbled as he picked it up. But her curiosity got the better of him and she started browsing the photos.

He glanced at all the photos of him and his mother, and for a split second he didn’t notice tears welling from his eyes.

She wiped them with her hand and put the album back in Cassandra’s bag. At that moment, she noticed that something had fallen on the floor of the car. It appeared to be one of her photos, so she took it and put it back in the album. But when she looked at her closely, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

It was a picture of him and his mother with an unknown boy who looked like him like two drops of water! “What’s this? Who is it?” Ben asked. He turned the photo and noticed an inscription: “Ben and Ronnie, 1986”.

The boy looked a lot like Ben. | Source: Pexel

“Who is Ronnie? And how did Mom know him? He’s … Absolutely not! He can’t be my brother!” Ben was perplexed. He rushed to the restaurant and showed the photo to Cassandra. She too was in shock.

“Damn, Ben! I swear he looks like your brother! Nobody will say otherwise!”

“I know, but if he really is … why … why didn’t Mom ever tell me about him?”

“Let’s go slow, Ben. We can try to find him. It might not be easy, but it’s not impossible.”

“Well, I have no choice, Cassandra. I want to know who this kid is. I have to find him …”

On his way home from the restaurant that day, Ben tried to search for Ronnie on Facebook, but was unsuccessful. None of the users named Ronnie even remotely resembled him. So he went back to his mother’s house and rummaged in his closet to find the documents from the hospital where she had given birth.

It took a while, but he finally found them. Unfortunately, the papers were yellowed and she couldn’t even make out the hospital name clearly. However, she made some assumptions from the partially deleted letters and eventually found the hospital online.

Ben contacted the hospital. | Source: Pexel

She called the hospital staff, but as it had been a long time since Ms. Dixon had given birth, most of the hospital staff had changed and said it would take some time to gather the information she had requested.

Ben had no patience for this, so he decided to go straight to the hospital.

He begged a nurse to let him rummage through the backup files as it was urgent. When he started begging her, the nurse couldn’t tell him no. She gave him an hour to search and find what she needed.

Ben eagerly searched the files until he came across his mother’s. But once he started reading it, he couldn’t stop crying.

According to reports, her mother gave birth to two boys, but left one of the babies in the hospital. The baby was then transferred to a neurological facility run by the hospital. Ben couldn’t believe his eyes! Ronnie was his brother! He got the facility address from the file and decided to go see Ronnie.

However, when he arrived, he couldn’t stop crying when he saw his brother. It was an exact replica of him, lying on a bed, surrounded by syringes and hospital drugs. A nurse revealed that Ronnie’s brain was abnormal from birth, causing memory and behavioral problems.

Ronnie was a handicapped child. | Source: Pexel

“Do you know anything about the woman who left him here? I mean, he was brought here from a hospital, right?” Ben asked.

“Good,” began the nurse. “Our senior nurse may be able to answer you.”

He calls Nurse Julie, who reveals to Ben that his mother has abandoned Ronnie. “I was there when this boy came here. His mother came to see him one evening. She finally found the address of the institute and came to look at it. I was surprised. I think you were there too. By a lake, and I took a picture of her. You were both very young. First she said she was a relative, then she told me her true story, which was that it was her mother. “

It turned out that Ms. Dixon had abandoned Ronnie, as she was a single mother and couldn’t afford to raise two children while her boyfriend left her. Plus, she knew that Ronnie had a disability, which required special care.

Upon learning this, Ben decided he wasn’t going to give up on Ronnie. She took him home, told Cassandra the whole story and she immediately agreed to Ben’s request to take care of him for the rest of her life.

Ben was definitely upset that his mother had abandoned Ronnie, but the nurse’s words echoed in his mind for a long time. “She did it because her boyfriend dumped her.”

“Maybe that’s why Mom didn’t tell me about our father, Ron. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone anymore,” he assured his brother, who clapped his hands like a baby. “Your brother is here. And he will watch over you until death do us part.”

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t keep secrets from your children. If Mrs. Dixon had told Ben about Ronnie, he would have welcomed her sooner.
  • Sometimes we are forced by circumstances. Mrs. Dixon didn’t want to give up on Ronnie, but she had no choice in her, as she could only afford to raise one child.

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