Aude (Love is in the meadow) “Still standing” and exhausted: her poignant message

Daily life is not easy for Aude. After months of hardship, her fragile balance is in danger of collapsing. Let’s take stock!

SOS Aude in danger!

Every day, a new disaster settles on Aude’s shoulders. Of course, when we review this video, we get the impression that she is not the same person in front of us. Whether it’s physically or morally, she seems to have lost her carefree attitude of hers. First, the one where she had a second child and she met Love is in the meadow packed. Forced to raise her two children with her little means available to her, she will redouble her efforts.

Alas, the health context will make it sink little by little. Like her colleagues, Aude detects government inconsistencies and spreads the message on the Web. Alas, her bottles in the sea don’t arrive safely. Then, some personal events will precipitate his slow descent into hell. Unable to recover from the loss of a loved one, he continues with a visit to the emergency room. All of this would be just the tip of the iceberg. We fear that this discomfort is even deeper than that … Come on, let’s go, Objeko take stock!

Behind the scenes of Aude’s life

Active on social networks, Aude’s publications leave subscribers speechless. Despite Instagram’s filters, we can see that she no longer pays attention to her silhouette. Going from redhead to platinum blonde, she obviously doesn’t have the time or resources to take care of the hair change. But, as we know, she takes maintenance. Sometimes being careless can turn into a tsunami. As for the former candidate’s face Love is in the meadow, it’s not even glorious. Between the signs of fatigue under the eyes and sunken cheeks there are all details that do not deceive anyone.

From time to time, Aude agrees to reveal a small behind-the-scenes part of her daily life. And the result is not beautiful. ” My current days are long (5:20 wake up, 23:00 before bedtime, 7 days a week) ” after a while, Morpheus shows up as his body requests a break. As soon as he (rarely) has the opportunity, he undertakes to reassure us by specifying that it is her “It takes every minute to try [se] rest. Between the lines, we understand that the choice between food and sleep is easy! And if you want to take a look at what it has become, we’ve found this before / after. Its metamorphosis is so obvious that it makes you shiver. Even Karine Le Marchand has a hard time recognizing her!

A chilling confession

Today, Aude shows a thirty-pound loss on the stopwatch. Alas, moral question, that’s not the case at all. In the last few weeks, her followers have noticed that she doesn’t wear anything anymore. They care and try to get fresh news by all means. Finally, to celebrate this first weekend of May, she publishes a video. The song she chose is largely indicative of her state of mind. The refrain of Elton John’s hit is aimed at this person who has the will to save. Her goal? to fight the relentless fate. But will this be enough to get back on track? The mystery remains!

Going back in time, Objeko manages to find a picture of Aude with a smile. How beautiful it is to see her like this! As she makes clear during a question and answer session, her cheekbones just work. ” [en] the presence of [ses] children…“. This is clear and clear. The one who will be able to make the eyes shine is not born! Deeply benevolent, he thus deserves to be happy! She is not the first participant of Love is in the meadow facing mountains of problems. Recently, Didier ended up sounding the alarm. After hiding the unsanitary state of his parents’ home from fans, he appeals to the generosity of viewers. Let’s cross our fingers so that everything is in order! The rest, see you in the next issue!

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