Dreux will celebrate liberated women in cinema with a new edition of the Regards de femmes festival

Photocall, selfies, dedications, speeches, flashes and splendid outfits: on 10 and 11 June the Dreux theater will present itself with the air of the Cannes Film Festival building, an evening of official screening.

Especially since the new edition of the Regards de femmes festival, dedicated to short films with a female theme, will be judged by a jury made up of several people. First, the couple who will preside over it, director Andréa Bescond and her husband, actor Eric Métayer.

Sheila explains “having always been a feminist in her actions”. Photo Dario Salimi

Sheila will be among the jury members

After presenting it in Cannes, the two artists, residing in Eure-et-Loir, won the César for best adaptation in 2019 for their film Les chatouilles, an autobiographical story on the theme of sexual violence. “They said ‘bank’ in a few minutes. They are a wonderful couple, committed to all causes of humanity. “

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Journalists Catherine Ceylac (Click on Canal +) and Charlotte Bouteloup (RTL) are expected, as is a certain Sheila. “She did not hesitate for a moment to come, reminding me that she has always been a feminist who has never been afraid of anything to emancipate herself”, explains Véronique Mériadec, founder of the festival with her partner the author Gérald Massé, within the association Le lumière de la ville.

If part of the #Meetoo movement, Histoires de femmes denies that it is an exclusively militant festival. It will be quite the opposite, if we are to believe in the selection that plays the card of diversity. We will obviously see serious and hard works, but also science fiction, humor, adventures. Their point in common “is what women or men who talk about women have to do. The selection (18 short films with a maximum length of 15 mm) is, this year, of high quality.

Catherine Ceylac, one of the jury members of the Dreux Festival, Histoires de femmes. Photo Canal +.

New, a Master class with high school students

“It wasn’t easy to select from 1,400 films. “The jury should have difficulty awarding its prizes (The Grand Prize; Directing Prize; Interpreting Prize; Screenplay Prize; Photography Prize, Audience Prize, High School Student Prize, etc. .)

Committed to proposing a truly popular, broadcast-centric event, the organizers insist that their meeting is free. New this year, the high school students of Drouais will be invited on Friday 9 June to a Master class in the presence of five women practicing a film profession. Director, editor, screenwriter, actress and cinematographer will talk to the students about their respective activities. This meeting will be preceded by the screening of the films in competition.

“Histoires de femmes” is a new illustration of Drouais’ cinematic influence. Director Véronique Mériadec is one of his ambassadors with the only ambition to “bring out the talent”. Feminine … and masculine!

Dreux Festival, Stories of women. Saturday 11 June, screenings from 9:30 to 11:30. Shooting at 14:15. Awards ceremony at 17:45. Free admission. Reservations required: www.zecrea.fr

Olivier Bohin

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