Gharbi is elated after his 1st in Ligue 1 alongside Messi-Neymar-Mbappé

The young (18-year-old) Parisian midfielder confided his joy at Sunday night’s entry against Troyes.

Ismaël Gharbi, first! If we had already seen him in action at the Champions Trophy against Lille (0-1) and during the first two rounds of the Coupe de France, for about forty minutes in total, the young (18-year-old) midfielder took his first steps at the Parc des Princes and in Ligue 1 on Sunday evening, in the draw against Troyes (2-2) in the name of matchday 36. A highlight. “It is a source of great pride, I am happy, happy to have made my debut among the professionals, especially at the Parc des Princes. I wanted to win for the first time, but hey, you can’t have it allThe person concerned smiles, launched at the end of 89 ‘in place of Angel Di Maria. “A lot of joy, pride … Especially in the park, in front of my parents, my family. I couldn’t ask for more“, He said of his feelings as he came into play.

An inscription all the more precious as minutes are rare for the titans. On Sunday, guys like Xavi Simons or Édouard Michut, for example, were invited to sit in the stands. The playing time of young people, a topic that often returns in Mauricio Pochettino’s press conferences, known however for the confidence of the boys from Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham.

We built a squad at the start of the season with over 30 players, a squad that didn’t change much during the winter transfer window. Pablo Sarabia, Rafinha, Sergio Rico left but the place for young people is reduced in this group. The youngsters have to earn their playing time, it is already good that they trained with us, some of them from day one. It is a first step. It is important, it is what is to come, that is, the composition of the workforce for the future and the place that can be given to young people, to earn minutes“Said the Argentine coach. It remains to be seen whether he will still lead the Paris squad in 2022-23 … Nothing is less certain.

I would like to stay at PSG

Ismael Gharbi

Gharbi’s future is also uncertain. The boy will be really free this summer. Will he go elsewhere to find the place he is missing, like others, in the Parisian ranks? “There are discussions with the club. After that I focus on my performance, on the pitch and I am very happy to have made my first one today.“He said, brandishing the language of wood like a great one. And to add, the same:I would like to stay“. It remains to be seen under what conditions, with what project, what prospects. Ismaël Gharbi nevertheless knows where he is:”It is already an honor to train with these players every day. For progression, it doesn’t get any better. You have to be patient, focus on your work, work, work, work every day … And work again until it comes!

Work ? A word that often returns to the mouth of the person concerned, who also on Sunday evening is at ease in front of journalists, in a mixed zone. A little shy, it’s normal, but confident and doesn’t hesitate to joke. “I think we have to improve every day, this goes for any player. I have to work on everything, and so it will be until the end of my career, working even more on everything every day. I try to do my best every day to become complete. Advice from the pros? The word that stands out every time is “work”. Work, be patient and give your all every day to try to become these players too.“, He hammers.

Kimpembe, the older brother

The council is, among others, Presnel Kimpembe to distill them, he the former resident of the PSG training center. “It plays an important role with us. Since he’s been there, he’s kind of our big brother, he supports us and he’s there for us every day. Especially with me, I have a special relationship with him. He will always thank him for what he does. He is always there to give me good advice, he helps me, he is a very good person to me»Greets Gharbi.

One thing is certain: Ismaël Gharbi does not sulk his pleasure, he who confronts the players every day. “extraordinarythat he chose in video games. “I still play with them (laughs). If I start with them? No, not yet, you have to respect. In my biggest dreams, I never dreamed of going on offense and playing with (Lionel) Messi, (Kylian), Mbappé, Neymar … It’s crazy, it’s incredible“, He rejoices. This is just the beginning.

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