his famous beloved singer does not participate in his new album, the reason revealed

Clara Luciani is the new nugget of the French music scene! If only he did this duet with her darling, we would be in heaven.

Which fly did Clara Luciani point?

Guests on the Nagui set, the musicians of Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos have fun like children. Like the other guests of this cult show, the reinterpretation of some hits amazes the audience. The icing on the cake, these exchanges of glances, evidence of complicity remain the ingredients of a beautiful love story. Should you be blind to deny Cupid was there? Be that as it may, those who were lucky enough to be in the audience of Tararata that evening, we got full eyes and ears! If they never really confirmed this rumor, Objeko I wish they did it more often. However, of course, this is not planned for a long time. Why such a turnaround when the duo seems to be on a little cloud? Let’s try to see more clearly!

Clara Luciani is lucky …

In the columns of Paris match, Alex Kapranos tries to justify himself with the means at hand. Will he be able to drown the fish? ” I love to sing with her, even if we have very different voices “ Yes this, Objeko quite agree. This is just what makes the charm of him. Very quickly, she goes on to proudly announce that she has already had the rare opportunity to push the song with the legends. He thinks in particular of Serge Gainsbourg’s ex-wife, Jane Birkin, but not only. The star of blonde, Debbie Harry agreed to share a part of the stage with him! Very quickly, our colleagues try to bring the matter back to Clara Luciani. In vain! Aside from her eyes that sparkle when she hears or says her name, we won’t know more.


It is best to ask the question directly to the person concerned. While she is in full promotion of her latest work, Clara Luciano links programs on television or on the air. She gets tired of always hearing them say the same thing, she’ll end up spilling the beans. If Alex isn’t in her record, it’s simply because she doesn’t “I did not ask” ! As a recovery session or to whet your appetite, Objeko invites you to review this colorful version of Tainted Love. The tube of soft cell revisited by lovers, take our word for it, it’s worth its weight in peanuts!

… But she doesn’t understand it!

What a shame ! In any case, the language barrier is far from a good excuse! The singer speaks French very well as he also recently published a cookbook. Within these, he recounts his taste experiences better than anyone else. And when he’s on stage or in the studio, his goal is to uncover as many nuggets as possible. Are you following us? Clara Luciani, is the meeting of his life! Despite the damage caused by the pandemic, you want ” make people dance “as long as possible. With the reopening of the concert halls without quota, he intends to move from theory to practice. Alas, a tragedy will deeply thwart his plans.

For our latest album, I called Philippe Zdar. I loved remaking the world with him, around a good bottle of wine“. A few weeks before the first confinement, the one who founded cassio came to a tragic end. According to the investigation that followed the disaster, he allegedly leaned on the railing of his balcony. However, the latter collapses. The shock is such that he dies instantly. At 5 years old… what a waste! After a beautiful love story with Aura Akika, he was just starting to find his taste for him in his life; moreover, the actress has not officially reacted to the tragic loss of the father of her three children.

And now ?

The next day, however, the probable companion in the city as on the stage of Clara Luciani had not failed to greet her memory on Twitter. All this shows us that music softens and unites hearts. We can’t wait to introduce us to the rest of the adventures of these two! We promise, we will keep you updated!

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