his wounded son Milann reveals his great misfortune

Is Nabilla living a fairytale? For the past few hours, her life has been a waking nightmare. Milann shows him all the colors!

SOS Nabilla in danger!

The years follow one another and are alike for Nabilla. Discover the contents ofinstagram or Snapchat, she is more satisfied than ever. Who could have predicted that a simple phrase about a shampoo would bring it to the fore? Having grown into a formidable business woman, she runs her empire like a pro. To millions of fans she is a role model in her own kind. Sure, some haters are trying to demolish her reputation. For example, the summoning of a surrogate mother and a false belly causes a lot of ink and tears to flow in the Vergara clan. At Objeko, we think jealousy does a lot of damage. You’d better ignore unfounded criticism.

Now pregnant with her second child, she can’t wait to see her little one. She can show many things to her subscribers about her, she holds and does not reveal the sex of the baby. We will be surprised! As for Milann, just before this tragedy happened, Objeko he was convinced that he would marvelously fulfill his mission as an elder brother. Alas, an accident will question everything. Is the precious balance of the Vergara family threatened? We’ll give you the answer right away without wasting a second on the details!

Nabilla’s son wreaks havoc

Immediately after the birth of Milan, Nabilla confirms the rumors. Motivated to move to Dubai, she is causing problems for her lei subscribers. While some have followed her to the end of the world, others accuse her of manipulating taxes. However, the couple have tried to escape to London in the past. Without success. Once he grew up enough to go to kindergarten, the child quickly adapted to this environment.

Even though he hadn’t yet announced that the stork had returned, Nabilla assists The secret song. As a reminder, the artist discovers her anonymous and famous friends on stage. And this is obviously priceless as the tears flow. After the performance of its idols, L5, Milan softly closes this table. Realizing that he (he too) speaks English very well, sometimes better than some adults, the audience is shocked. Furthermore, this recent declaration of his mother will put the flea in the ears of the followers. Is he a precocious child? “They’ve been thinking for months that he should move on to the next class. There was a council and it is way ahead of her age. ” This double jump in the direction of ” higher ” it’s a nice surprise!

And here’s the drama!

At the beginning of May, Milann is still getting smart. Don’t be afraid, he’s not going to graduate tomorrow. On the other hand, from time to time, he wants to go faster than the music. And this is not acceptable to Nabilla. Better than anyone else, she knows you have to take your time to figure things out. So running is by no means a good idea for the future of her nearly three-year-old little lover. However, you just need to take her attention away for a quarter of a second and the worst happens. It’s a double danger! How will she fix the broken vessels without traumatizing her prince? Ouch, my heart really hurts!

Screenshot (c) Snapchat (c) Nabilla Benattia

On his behalf Snapchat, Nabilla provides more information to her fans. It all started so well. Of course, it couldn’t last. To reward him for being so motivated at daycare, she encourages him to continue his efforts. And what’s better than music to sweeten his heart? “He had a little lesson at home to make him happy, and he threw himself on the guitar. ” After discovering the scar on the man’s forehead, we understand that he must have taken the tool in the face. Ouch, it hurts so much! Let’s hope it doesn’t traumatize him to repeat the experience as soon as possible.

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