INTERVIEW – Gilbert Montagné eliminated by Mask Singer: “My grandchildren recognized me immediately! “

This Saturday, May 7, TF1 broadcast a new issue of Singer in mask. During this semi-final, it was Gilbert Montagné, who was hiding under the costume of the Tree, who was unmasked. Neighbor, the singer agreed to return to this crazy adventure.

It had been several weeks since the detectives had done this a little idea of ​​the personality that was hiding under the costume of the Tree. Unlike the Pig, under which Yves Camdeborde stood, or the Croco, who hid Marc-Antoine Le Bret, spectators very quickly he recognized the singular and powerful voice of Gilbert Montagné under this rustic costume. Eliminated in the semifinal of Singer in mask this Saturday, May 7, and while the final will air this Friday, May 13th, the interpreter ofWe will love each other agree with think back to his experience in the TF1 show during an interview granted to How did you react when you were asked to participate Singer in mask ?

Gilbert Mountains : This was new to me in the sense that I hadn’t seen the show before, even though I had heard of it. What seduced me was the human quality of the producers, Anthony Meunier and Marie-Christelle Oaglend. They talked to me about the show in a beautiful way, we felt they believed it from the start. Although it was a bit abstract to me, I thought it was an interesting approach. And then, when I got to know the costume team, I became interested in the artistic profile of the people I met. Why did you choose the Tree costume? What did he represent for you?

Gilbert Mountains : To tell the truth, I was afraid of being disappointed by touch, because as a blind person I really need to be seduced by touch. But what I liked, before I could touch it, was the idea that there were birds around a tree. And I love birds! When you go from the silence of the night to the first bird you hear, I think it’s like a spark of life, a little miracle. I find it fantastic. You were also involved in the making of the costume …

Gilbert Mountains : Exactly ! First, it was the Tree’s entourage. When I got to touch it in its entirety, I really enjoyed it, even before adding the birds and fruit. Afterwards, it was quite heavy as a costume. What I also liked was that it was impressive. You should know that I am 1.70m and so I liked that it was a continuity of myself in a way. There really is something that happened between this tree and me. So much so that it hurt me when I had to leave him … How did you experience the elimination at the gates of the final?

Gilbert Mountains : When I learned I was knocked out, it made me a little sad for a few seconds, but I quickly felt more enlightened than knocked out. What really bothered me was that people recognized my voice immediately. However, when I recorded the studio titles, I tried to limit myself in my interpretation. Although of course I would have liked to have gone to the final, I lived the present moment to the fullest and didn’t have bad moments. I enjoyed myself until the end. Since my elimination, there are people who pass me on the street and who call me: ‘Mr. Tree! ‘ It is quite funny. Have any of the people around you recognized you over the weeks?

Gilbert Mountains : Yes, it was hell for me! I really didn’t tell, not even my grandchildren, because I wanted to keep the suspense. I found it fun to keep the secret until the very end. But immediately my grandchildren told me: ‘Grandpa, you are the Tree!’ I said to them: ‘No, I don’t see what you’re talking about. Anyway, I don’t know the show. One day we will watch it together … ‘Obviously, at each broadcast, they bothered me, convinced that it was me. But I didn’t want to divulge anything. Saturday night, when they discovered me under the costume, it was very nice. One person was nevertheless placed in confidence. is your wife Nicolewho accompanied you throughout the adventure …

Gilbert Mountains : It’s true that Nikole was with me the whole time, even though in the car that took us to the shooting location for rehearsals, we couldn’t talk to each other! I can tell you that he has a lot of patience, I don’t know if I would have a lot of patience in his place. He really liked what she saw: the tree, how it was made, etc. Once again, I would like to highlight the work and talent of the Mask Singer teams. What are your predictions regarding the still hidden personalities?

Gilbert Mountains : It’s completely crazy but I have no idea who the others are. In the three that remain it seems to me that there is the Banana that sings well, but I have no idea who it might be … I will follow the program and discover it at the same time to the whole world! In any case it’s a very nice show, because we feel that from the very beginning, whether it’s the production, the costume designers or the technicians, all the lights are green. It helps enormously. For my part, I felt very good.

Photo credits: screenshot TF1

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