Julie Ringuette confides in us why she had to take a break

The winter we just passed was a difficult one for Julie Ringuette. The tiles have succeeded: water damage, removals, covids. To free herself a little from the weight of this mental burden that weighed on her, the actress and presenter chose to consult. A decision that allowed him to rediscover this contagious enthusiasm that is hers.

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Julie, is your professional schedule still full?
I shot two seasons ofShe said yes; the second is presented at the moment. During the shoot, I had my baby with me and I breastfed him between takes. It was a real marathon! Currently, Pascal and I are shooting The great recess, a show that we host together for the second year and that is presented in schools. I’m back too Hello, where I present columns, and have just been confirmed girls night. We will do a show tour with a brand new cast. I take it too Pedagogy to Just for Laughs with Debbie Lynch-White, an outdoor show we did two years ago for teachers in Quebec.

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Marie-Christine Proulx, Brigitte Lafleur, Khate Lessard and Stéphane Fallu are among Julie’s guests for the second season of She said yes.

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Of course, your professional life is frankly sporty!
I had a great winter … We had water damage, my baby got sick. It all happened to us! To make sure you can animate the gala Celebration, I was very careful not to get covid. Whether on the radio or with the children in kindergarten, I took a lot of precautions not to get sick … The day after the gala, I went to take my daughters to kindergarten, which I didn’t do for two weeks to avoid contact . Two hours later, I was called to tell me there was a confirmed case. We were sick … It lasted 12 days. It took me a while to recover. I am young, fit and triple vaccinated, but my fatigue level was extreme.

For the second consecutive year, Julie and her husband, Pascal Morrissette, will celebrate the end of the school year in style with La grande récré.

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For the second consecutive year, Julie and her husband, Pascal Morrissette, will celebrate the end of the school year in style with La grande récré.

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After the water damage, were you able to get home?
Yes, we were evicted and then moved to a disaster recovery home. We lived there for a month and a half, while we renovated our house. We have been back for a month and the work has just finished. The radio sequence, the gala, the covid, the water damage was pretty ordinary … I think I’m going to have a great summer!

With your little ones it must have been hell …
Actually. The baby is 16 months old. I moved cot, high chair, etc. I had to lock lockers, erect barriers, adapt the environment for her. She was a real move! Sam will soon be four. Meanwhile my little girl, Eva, has been ill. She had repeated ear infections. Seven in total. Probably Eva will be operated: the tubes will be installed in her ears. So I know the nightmare of ear infections will be over. In the meantime, she has been tough physically and mentally. Pascal worked, too. So I took a break. I was off work for four weeks. Even sick, I had to take care of the children. We couldn’t see anyone or send the children to kindergarten. We didn’t get any help. I had to stop working.

It certainly hasn’t happened to you often in your career …
No really not. I didn’t do it happily, but she needed some support at home. I had to regain control. I was no longer effective anywhere.

Do you need help?
I had no choice. The to-do list was too big, the mental overload was huge. Having a baby with seven ear infections in a year means he has a fever, runny nose, can’t sleep at night. I was tired. I had to see someone free me, take a weight off my shoulders. I found that there was also a lot of built-up guilt. I am a working mom, I didn’t really have maternity leave so I felt very guilty. I decided to consult. People sometimes think we consult when we are in depression or exhaustion, but that’s not necessarily the case. Personally I wasn’t sick, but I needed to clear my mind. It feels so good! They helped me prioritize what I needed to do. For the rest I let it go. I am a Wonder Woman. I always want to do everything. It is often for this reason that it weighs a lot.

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Is it important to talk and encourage people to consult as needed?
Yes, and you shouldn’t wait until you’re at your wits’ end. I quickly climbed the slope. I continued to train. I was suggested to sleep, to rest, but running did me a lot of good. My psychologist told me that it was indeed time for me and it was precious. This is what made me feel good. I was proud of myself, I had more energy. I consider this to be what saved me and keeps me on track. Waiting lists for seeing a psychologist are getting longer. I have a friend who is an early childhood psychoeducator. I thought it was just for kids, but he’s not. She is also trained in mental health. The pandemic has been very difficult for many. There were many “covid children”, mothers who stayed at home for two years. It wasn’t easy …

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In fact, it wasn’t easy for anyone …
On my side, after the gala Celebration, I’ve seen social networks go wild. As I was in a more vulnerable period, it affected me the most. I have decided not to read the comments anymore. I’ve been told about my fitness, my looks. I could not believe it!

For their part, do your daughters get along well with each other?
The little ones get along very well and play together. Sam is a lovely older sister. She takes care of her baby. At 16 months Eva starts talking. We communicate more and more. Sometimes the girls run around the kitchen and Pascal and I have watery eyes …

“Sam is a lovely older sister.  She takes care of her baby.  Eva and she get along very well.

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“Sam is a lovely older sister. She takes care of her baby. Eva and she get along very well.

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Will you have time to enjoy some next summer?
Even though we had a busy summer, Pascal and I made a promise. We want to enjoy it and take a family vacation. This winter we spent a week in Florida at Walt Disney. More than ever, we want to enjoy the summer with our girls.

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“After this great winter, more than ever, we want to enjoy the summer with our girls”.

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