Moscow parades its army, the Fillon couple fixes on their destiny, electoral shooting in the Philippines … The news of this Monday morning

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Emmanuel Macron in Strasbourg and Berlin to talk about Europe. Recently reinvested, French President Emmanuel Macron intends to take advantage of the symbolic date of 9 May and his visit to Strasbourg on Monday to defend his vision of Europe. In the hemicycle of the European Parliament, his speech “aims (ra) to receive proposals from citizens and to raise a number of issues in the context of the war in Ukraine”, anticipates the Elysée. Then he will travel to Berlin to meet the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. On this May 9, also the day of Russia’s celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945 in the midst of the war in Ukraine, “two models will assert themselves face to face”, believes the French presidency.

Demonstration of strength in Moscow. The Kremlin displays its army on Monday to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, a show of strength to galvanize its troops in fighting in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will deliver a long-awaited speech, will have the opportunity to send new warnings after repeatedly brandishing the nuclear threat. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the “plane of the Apocalypse”, an Ilyushin Il-80 designed to allow the Russian president to continue flying the country from above in the event of a nuclear war, is expected to fly over Red Square. Read the editorial published by the newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe with which Liberation is now associated.

60 Ukrainian civilians killed on strike against a civilian shelter. The “evil is back” in Europe“With a different uniform, with different slogans, but with the same goalUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech commemorating the end of the world conflict in Europe, comparing the invasion of his country by Russia to the aggression of European states by Nazi Germany. On Sunday evening, in a video message, he criticized “heavy bombing” in several Ukrainian regions, including one that took place Saturday in a school in Bilogorivka, in the Luhansk region. The strike resulted in the deaths of 60 civilians. Find here all the information on the Russian invasion.

A shooting in the Philippines at a polling station. Three security officers were killed on Monday in an attack on a polling station in the Philippines, in the municipality of Buluan, on the island of Mindanao. The island is home to numerous armed groups, from Communist insurgents to Islamist militants. After six years in power of the sulphurous Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte, some 67 million Filipinos are called to vote to elect his successor. Ferdinand Marcos Junior, the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, is the big favorite.

Yemenia Airways trial opens in Paris. Thirteen years after the accident of flight IY626, the trial for murder and involuntary injury of the company Yemenia opens this Monday in Paris. Dozens of relatives of the victims of this crash off the Comoros that killed 152 people, including 66 French, are expected at the criminal court of the capital but also in Marseille, where part of the trial is aired. Only a 12-year-old girl, Bahia Bakari, survived by clinging to debris in the sea for eleven hours before being rescued by a fishing boat. No representative of the Yemeni national company should be present at the trial. Reread our reportage made in 2009 in Fumbuni.

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The Fillon couple still condemned? The Paris Court of Appeal will rule on the fate of former Prime Minister François Fillon and his wife on Monday afternoon, in the context of the case of suspected bogus work. They will not be present at the delivery of the sentence scheduled for 13.30 fine and ten years of ineligibility, for embezzlement of public funds, complicity and concealment of abuses on company assets.


Genocide in Rwanda: the role of a former Hutu prefect at the center of a historic trial in Paris. From this Monday appears the highest official ever tried in France for the massacre of the Tutsis. Laurent Bucyibaruta, prefect in the south-west of the country in 1994, is prosecuted for “complicity in crimes against humanity”. A plunge into darkness that will also raise the question of man’s choice in the face of absolute evil. Read our article.

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East of Kharkiv, “the Russians used the houses as shields”. Intimidation, human shields, attempts to move people… While Moscow prepares for the parade on May 9th, the villagers of Mala Rohan tell of a life under occupation. Read the report of our special correspondent in Ukraine.


Children found dead by the gynecologist of Ville-d’Avray: “He did not speak to anyone and had everything of the old”. After the grisly discovery in the cellar of an opulent pavilion in the city of Hauts-de-Seine, “Liberation” followed in the footsteps of its owner, Jean-Paul A., a gynecologist who died in 2015, described as a top secret. Find our survey here.

The interview

Bertrand Belin: “I like flat colors, straight lines, I make less arabesques”. “Tambour Vision”, the seventh album by the singer from Quiberon, beautiful and moving, stripped to the extreme, puts synthesizers first. Encountered between the two towers, Belin assumes a “Minimal size, long sought after“. Read our interview.

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Valérie Murat, the fight in wine. Since his father’s death from bronchopulmonary cancer, the pesticide activist has fought against the powerful Bordeaux wine lobby. Read our portrait.

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