Norman sport increasingly committed to the fight against sexual and gender-based violence

226 sports facilities in Normandy have so far signed the manifesto of commitment to combat sexual and gender-based violence. 226 out of 7,500 clubs in the region, all disciplines combined. A step forward but there is still a long way to go.

“For too long there has been a silence in some sports federations” tirelessly insists Nicolas Marais, president of the Normandy Regional Olympic and Sports Committee. “I want there to be a collective awareness, a true awareness of our leaders but also of our young people ”.

This Monday, May 9, the Normandy CROS is organizing a regional day to prevent and take action against sexual and gender-based violence in sport.

This day is a further step in regional policy to combat this violence that started in Normandy for two years. This work is carried out between the state and the local sports authorities.

First highlight: in April 2021, a manifesto of commitment was drawn up and signed by all the regional and departmental Olympic and sports committees of the region. An approach that every club, every league, every sports federation in Normandy is now invited to follow.

And the results are coming gradually. “226 sports facilities have signed this manifesto. 226 out of around 7,500 clubs from all disciplines” announced Nicolas Marais, during a press conference on Monday 9 May.

In particular, this text provides for the appointment of a person in charge of the matter in each club, each league or federation signatory, to follow each year the information and awareness times on this issue and to pass them on to members, educators and volunteers.

Since last summer, the certificate of good repute has become mandatory for all club members over the age of 16.

“Anyone over the age of 16, be it a player, official, referee or simply someone taking a sports license must now complete a certificate of good repute,” explains Nicolas Marais. “These documents then rise to the level of the federations. All of this is controlled by the state services. Since its implementation less than a year ago, this has made it possible to detect some individuals known for cases of sexual violence. This has been followed by criminal investigations and sanctions. in each federation “.

In order for “fear to change sides”, reminds the president of the Normandy Regional Olympic and Sports Committee, a logo and a prevention film were produced.

This motion design movie highlights some risky situations and reminds us of some tips, in particular:

  • greets his coach shaking his hand,
  • avoid kisses or hugs,
  • respect the privacy of others in the changing rooms,
  • during the competitions separate girls and boys for the night and reserve a dormitory for adults and one for young people.

Above all, the film insists on the obligation to report any anomalous events

If a situation is bothering you, something seems strange or abnormal to you, you can and even MUST talk about it with a teacher, friend, trainer, doctor or relative and we MUST listen to you.

Film “Combating violence in sport in Normandy”

Report, allow us to talk again and again on topics that have long remained taboo in the world of sport.

In December 2019, following a journalistic investigation by Disclose magazine on sexual violence in sport, the Minister of Sport, Roaxana Maracineanu, calls for the immediate creation of a cell within the Sports Directorate to investigate the reports and take the necessary actions.

As of December 31, 2021, this unit’s report reported 610 reports in two years, most of which date back to the last 10 years. 79% of the victims are women, the vast majority of them were minors at the time of the facts.

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