Play-off hand: Geldar for Girls and AJSE for Boys in the final!

Semifinal Return 2nd evening

The Geldar for the girls and the AJSE for the boys in the final!

Last Friday the second night of the return play-offs was played at the Hall Kévin Séraphin, in girls, the Geldar led the entire game with good craftsmanship holding the Ara de Macouria at bay to finally win and get his ticket to the final.

As a man, the meeting was decided only on the details and above all on the experience. The AJSE is back with its Hudson army, Ravenet, the elders have brought their experience and Captain Jean Luc Détournelle as the real boss. Geldar did not deserve a young team in the making. However, mentioning very well the guards Yoan Samathay on the side of the AJSE and his replacement Jefferson Pierre and Guy Bresile and Dieugot Covil made the crowd rise. It is finally AJSE that will play the final.

The results :
Friday 06 May 2022
Macouria ARA – Geldar 30 – 34 (in Girls).
first half: 14 – 14.
The Geldar earn the ticket to the final.

AJSE – Geldar 31 – 29 (in Boys).
first half: 14 – 15
AJSE wins its ticket to the final

Support play-off match

Saturday night, place in the supporters match to determine the 2nd Finalist. RHK women and US Matoury men qualify for the final.
The opponents of Geldar in girls and AJSE in Boys have obtained the qualification at the end of a match of great intensity, the audience that has experienced the away as every night has fun.

It was over an hour late that the girls set the tone. Throughout the game, hand-to-hand was the taste of the evening. At rest, plus three points for the American Matoury who ran in front for most of the match. US goalkeeper Matoury Jennifer Delicier was the best of the tournament. In the end it was a small point that allowed RHK to pass.

Among the boys, A final before the letter! A very tight first period.

The results
Saturday 07 May 2022
For girls:
RHK – US Matoury 23 – 22
first half: 10 – 13

Among the boys:
USLM HB – US Matoury 30 – 35
first half: 15 – 16

The Geldar of Kourou –

Among the youngsters, the play-off semifinals!
At the Kévin Séraphin Hall, final menu AJSE – RHK and AJSE – ARA. AJSE got the better of ARA and RHK dominated Geldar in Girls, AJSE narrowly missed Geldar and ARA finished first against USLM HB.

The results :
– 16 Women:
ARA – AJSE 21 – 23

NKR – Geldar 28 – 18
– 16 boys:

USLM HB – ARA 35 – 42

Young people also provided the show –

The reactions of the coaches!

Camille Firmin of the AJSE

Goal achieved, qualify for the final?
I am very happy because the matches with Geldar remain complicated, they eliminated us twice for the CTG Cup, I gave him the device back. But all season it has been complicated, now we have a lot of injuries that we will try to manage as much as possible and plan for the final.

Richard Lucret of the United States Matoury

Did you make it, are you in the final?
Yes, we are in the final, we have been working hard to get back in the last 15 days, during the return match, we have lost our argument, we had to bounce back to cancel the insult I am very proud of my boys who did not give up and we will go to the final to win it with the same desire.

Patrick Bruno of RHK

We pass on the wire, final at the end!
The goal has been achieved, we are in the final but the Play-Offs remain another competition that was part of our goals, a three-year project. Congratulations to the girls.
We will play in Geldar, both teams will be hungry for the title, a very competitive match is expected and we will be ready.

Mariska Gerson captain of the Geldar Girls

Yet another final for you?

And yes, that’s right, we expected a very complicated game because they will return for rematch but we stayed on course and overtook them at the right time to qualify.
We are hungry for the title, it is normal, we are competitors and we will work to be ready for this meeting.

Michel Marne, referee of the Guadeloupe couple

What is your evaluation of his play-offs?
A very good result, very positive and we were surprised by the level of play of the teams that were even, congratulations to the players because the level has evolved a lot.

Is a play-off exchange with the West Indies referees very nice?
Yes, it is a project developed by Mr. Catan who was in charge of the area, and magnificent because it allows the referee level to evolve and we should update it with the young referees, it is true that sometimes it is not taken for granted that there is a choice to make. with their studies or have to leave the department.

And the public, how did you find them?

Brilliant, during all the meetings the public made the trip and also during the week it is nice to come and encourage all these young and good quality ones. I think the finals will be magical.

David Belle and Michal Marne from Guadeloupe and Alain Agathine and Thierry Labamar.

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