the 3 spring-summer 2022 fringes to keep up with hair trends

In 2022 the trends will be hot and … retro! This year, we’ve seen several vintage pieces return to the fashion and interior design scene. The hairstyle is no exception. So what does the women’s hairstyle trend hold for us in terms of bangs? Will there be surprises? This spring-summer, a total of three fringes will invade the heads of trendy girls, two of them retro-inspired. Which? Focus on the 2022 hair trend: the fringe and its three very chic variants to be adopted with your eyes closed.

Bonus: What other hair styles will cause a stir in 2022?

Women’s hairstyles trend: the first 3 must-have fringes of 2022!

What bangs to adopt to be on top of the hairstyle trends of summer 2022? In this article, our editors fill in the three bangs that will be on all fronts and that promise to establish themselves as THE hair trend this spring-summer 2022. Are you daring to change your look? Decryption.

The Birkin Bangs straight out of the 60s

2022 women's fringe Birkin Bangs spring-summer hairstyles trends Zendaya

As you can probably guess, this 2022 women’s fringe is named after the famous British singer and actress Jane Birkin. Icon of the style of the 60s and inspiration of the famous bag Birkin d’Hermès, the latter lived in Paris and her moments of beauty have never ceased to be all the rage. The proof: her iconic bangs of hers we’ve seen on the heads of Dakota Johnson, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, and others.

This trendy 2022 fringe promotes the airy and natural look, and unlike baby fringe bangs, it brushes the brows while staying longer on the sides. Aside from looking like they’ve been blown by the wind, Birkin Bangs’ shots require little maintenance.

Fringe 2022 Bottleneck

bangs 2022 hairstyle bottleneck trend woman spring-summer

The bottleneck bong reborn from its ashes to establish itself as a female hairstyle trend in 2022! With 70s connotations, this hair trend is worn thin and short in the middle before widening and curling over the brows and all the way down to the cheekbones. Thanks to this smooth transition, this trendy women’s hairstyle is suitable for all face and hair types. Fringe bottleneck it is particularly easy to wear on a daily basis and does not require much maintenance. Plus, it goes perfectly with tied hair and perfects the classic ponytail.

This retro hairstyle has already seduced Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie and Lily Collins, among others.

2022 hair bangs with tapered effect

fashion bangs 2022 spring-summer wear wispy bangs

Short or long, the tapered fringe will be on all fronts this Spring-Summer 2022 and promises to become a timeless trend. Keyword? Irregular lengths and unstructured look! This 2022 fringe is therefore less thick than its classic equivalent and is perfect for summer hairstyles. In addition to being easy to wear and style, the subtle bangs tend to flatter all faces and cuts. Loose or stand up hair, curly or straight … it’s up to you!

What other women’s hairstyle trend to adopt in 2022?

trendy haircut 2022 woman bangs hair 2022 Dakota Johnson

After finding the three bangs that will be the hair trends in 2022, let’s see the other cuts that promise to be all the rage this spring-summer! Zoom on the three essential styles!

The square from every angle

hairstyles trends spring-summer 2022 square cut woman

Flob-style bob like Beyoncé’s, layered bob, short bob with bangs and so on … In 2022 we will see the bob in all its chic, bold and classic variations. This 2022 trendy womens haircut adds volume to the hair and rejuvenates the face while giving style momentum for women of all ages.

The Pixie cut is the trendy feminine hairstyle that never goes out of style

trendy haircut 2022 woman pixie cut trendy bangs 2022 Jennifer Lawrence

An ever-growing hair trend, the Pixie cut continues to seduce celebrities around the world. A hairstyle that suits both young and older women, this sleek boyish mane will be on top of hair trends this Spring / Summer 2022.

The Mastiff

women's hair trend spring-summer 2022 Shag cut

Halfway between the layered cut and the neo-mullet, the Shag cut tapers the lengths in an effort to create more layers. The Shag is worn short on the crown of the head and sides, with a parting in the center or with a curtain fringe. The important thing is to get a rock effect!

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