The twenty-two Misses of the Miss Excellence France contest started rehearsals in Saint-Amand-Montrond

At the foot of the stage of the Pyramid of professions, the twenty-two Misses, neck scarves, are warming up. Rehearsals began for them this Monday morning for the ceremony that will designate Miss Excellence France 2022 on Saturday. A hard and direct start to the week, after visiting the museum last weekend. Saint-Vic and the fortress of Montrond, two emblematic places of Saint-Amandois.

Five choreographies to get to know in five days

“In all they have five choreographies to learn before the big night, specifies Lydie Enguehard, choreographer of the Miss Excellence France competition and former Miss Normandy, in charge of setting up the show. There is a so-called “folkloric” choreography, with a dress that represents their region. A choreography with an evening dress, another with a bathing suit, and the choreography for the twelve and five finalists. “

prize Beauty contest: Melvin, 17 and former star of the Center-Val de Loire

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9:30 am start of rehearsals. On stage, the Misses learn “folk” choreography. Some do not hesitate to give some advice. “So, after all, we have to take small steps, girls”; “Ah, that’s not bad! “; “We have to shoot with the girls.”

Lydie Enguehard, continues:

“The goal is to offer a good show, represent the competition well, put the Misses at ease. Each choreography lasts from four to five minutes. During this time, they must be at their maximum. Five days are very few for young ladies who cannot dance. Since then, we have been choreographing in folkloric clothes for twelve years, and we have always succeeded. “

“Look at the girls’ legs, there are no elegant footwork”. On the stands of the stage, on a red seat, Christiane Lillio follows the rehearsals with an attentive eye.

Since 2011 he has been chairman of the Miss Excellence France committee, when the latter was still called Miss National. She is also a former Miss France. It was 1968. Christiane Lillio was seventeen years old.

“I’ve always liked this environment. I have always invested in Geneviève (Geneviève De Fontenay, creator of the beauty contest in 2010, after her resignation from the company Miss France, first called Miss national then, from 2011 to 2019, Miss national prestige, ed). This year the organization cost around 400,000 euros. “

An annual event, the first in Saint-Amand-Montrond. “We go to all the regions that ask us for it, assures Christiane Lillio. Everything is done on file. The regional delegates of Miss Excellence present them to us. “

A competition “on a human scale”

This contest, often judged in the shadow of the Miss France contest, attracts dozens of young women from all over France each year. “The girls tell us, the Miss Excellence France contest is on a human scale, smiles Christiane Lillio. Here we take away any desire for reality TV. They are encouraged to focus on their studies, to keep their feet on the ground. “

“Family” then, like Dominique Bray, aka “Dom ‘”, treasurer of the Miss Excellence association, president of the Miss Excellence committee for the Alsace region, handyman and “dad” of the contenders for the crown. “When there are plagues, it is I who am called. This morning, for example, I went to the pharmacy for one of the Misses. I have managed to forge great bonds with some, with whom I am still in contact. This year we have a big promotion. The girls are attentive and motivated. We do the same thing as the Miss France pageant, but not by the same means. “

The twenty-two finalists of the Miss Excellence France 2022 beauty pageant arrive this Friday in Saint-Amand-Montrond

It’s just after 1pm at the Pyramid of Professions. The Misses get up from the table after a lunch break followed by three hours of rehearsal. Morgane Chrétien, Miss Excellence Center-Val de Loire, smiles:

“For now we have only one choreography in mind. Later, I begin to know a little about these events, this is my fifth election. “

A more obvious gesture to memorize for some. “It’s a little easier for me,” smiles Kelly-Ann Capelle, Miss Excellence North. I’ve been dancing for thirteen years, I’m used to moving on stage. “

Morgane Chrétien, elected on Saturday evening in Saint-Amand-Montrond, will represent the Center-Val de Loire region for one year

For these young women, the Miss Excellence France contest is not a default choice. “The committee is more family oriented, continues Kelly-Ann Capelle. We all get along pretty well! “We do a lot of outings on our respective committees,” adds Morgane Chrétien.

Christiane Lillio, president of the Miss Excellence committee since 2011, along with Larissa Salime Be, crowned last year, and Jonathan Saintrapt, Miss Excellence delegate for the Center-Val de Loire region.

“It’s a little easier for me, I’ve been dancing for thirteen years. I’m used to moving on stage “.

All this under the gaze of Larissa Salime Be, crowned last year, who arrived from the first day of testing. For the current Miss Excellence France, this year has been full of discoveries. “I have met many people, I have performed in many performances. I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. “As she returns the crown on Saturday, Larissa Salime Be assures:“ I will miss him. But I also have other projects. “

From now on, the pressure and more on the shoulders of the 22-year-old Miss. “For the moment, there is no stress,” says Morgane Chrétien. Kelly-Ann Capelle smiles: “We’ll be there for a while, but Friday. “

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