These breathtaking testimonials

The Dubai Porta Porty affair or the video of a rich man making a mouthful of a young African is shaking up social networks; Unverified videos have gone viral online showing African girls acting like rich dogs. Here are some breathtaking testimonials!

Muna Kizz, face of the Dubai Porta Porty or United Arab Emirates women’s toilets

The UAE has become the last refuge of the rich, who bring women there and do strange things to them in exchange for money.

The Dubai Porta Porty affair started with a video posted on Twitter in which we see girls accepting despicable practices in exchange for banknotes, such as accepting defecation in the mouth.

Subsequently, many testimonies of former Misses or other influencers also admitted to having been part of these prostitution networks, led by billionaires on the side of Dubai.

And the least we can say is that several influencers from all continents indulge in this kind of unhealthy practices in exchange for large sums of money. A Gabonese influencer named Muna Kizz, whose videos were leaked on the web, even committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building in Dubai.

Several tweets cited revealed that most of the women claiming star status in the Nigerian capital Lagos were indulging in the act.

Many videos of Dubai Porta Porty have surfaced in the aftermath of this atomic bomb.

One such unimaginable and inhumane video leaked showed a famous Instagram influencer in Nigeria with a dog having sex.

The little girl from the Ivory Coast Eudoxie Yao defends herself

General Camille Makosso even compiled a country list of celebrities involved in the Dubai Porta Porty scandal without revealing their names.

For its part, Calixthe Beyala has released its claws against influencers. “Influencer: When feminism and traditions get out of the way, women’s respect for their bodies disappears,” the Cameroonian said on her Facebook page.

“I remember that not long ago black prostitutes would not have agreed to have sex with anyone, even when they were offered large sums of money … Here they have become women’s restrooms for rich men in Dubai,” continued Calixthe Beyala.

The author of the work “Black Woman, Naked Woman” did not fail to attack the physique of these influencers. “Some of these influencers have bodies so deformed that one wonders what they look like? Their buttocks are huge; their chests are also huge while their bellies no longer exist. Do they want to look like Maya the bee? Yes, but is she an animal? ! A woman has a belly and it contributes to the beauty of her silhouette, “added the novelist.

Since the outbreak of the Dubai Porta Potty affair, female celebrities have been the target of internet users who accused them of practicing covert prostitution. In Ivory Coast, Eudoxie Yao immediately stepped forward to defend herself.

“I love Dubai because it is beautiful, I love being there, my last trip to Dubai was offered to me but I cannot name the person. He is a person who appreciates me enormously and since he knew it was my birthday, he wanted to make me happy. still my darling (…) I don’t understand, they give me gifts, but they (his detractors, ed) say to each other, but as long as you haven’t slept with someone yet, we can’t give you that much money “, he declared the “go bobaraba” on the set of Konnie Toure’s Life Weekend.

We want to remind you before reading the confessions below. Take a disposable bowl or any container as you may throw up while reading these confessions.

1- Confession of a veteran

“These guys are so rich, they hate their wives and bored with life that they’re willing to pay anything for their crazy sex channel fetishes and I was crazy enough to expect money. I had to be fucked and sodomized by over 20 Saudi royals at the same time in two days so it was worth it. I did 40K overnight.

I literally got pissed off and shit on him so many times that I don’t understand why he likes it (after the third time you get pissed off, you get used to it).

I had to have sex with a male German Shepherd in front of them,

I had to put so many objects in my ass and in their asses too,

I was paid to eat shit, I was paid to be beaten,

I also had to plant live salmon in a 65-year-old man

I had sex with their 14-year-old boys to make them men, drank cups of vomit and smeared their shit on my face.

2- Confession of a Ghanaian woman victim of Dubai Porta Porty

I’m 24 and have $ 1 million in cash in my bank account. I am now retired and can have normal sex with whoever I want. Now I can have normal sex with whoever I want “

“Hi Aunt Ama, please keep this secret for me in the name of God.

I realized I had to say this when I saw some people express their opinions on other platforms.

I am also one of the women who have been sexually abused in Dubai. I met a lady on Facebook who travels a lot there because I saw pictures of her on desserts and stuff, when we started learning about her Facebook comments I got her and became friends from there.

She later told me she was making money by going to Dubai and sleeping with a person who was making money and buying clothes and perfumes to come and sell them but I told her she could take me there when she went. I told her I had no money, but she told me that she would pay for me and that I would pay her back when we got back. We’ve gotten so close now that she has trusted me.

Hmmm Aunty Love the same day we went we didn’t go to the hotel like she said, we went straight to a big house that belonged to an Arab man. She was thrilled to see me so I knew he was the man she was going to meet me with, that night she went to the club with the man’s friend. He romantically tied me to the bed and asked me to suck his cock, which I did, but he didn’t let me stop and my jaws protruded, he started beating me and telling me that I would do an action with my mouth to an hour so I better cooperate because he would have paid me $ 18,000.

I suffered but I suffered, the next minute he sat on my face I thought I was going to smell his anus (so to speak) but he asked me to lick it because that’s the only way he can cum. I hesitated until he threatened me with a living snake in the room. I had so many regrets but I was already there, I licked it until the feces started coming out and this man asked me to eat it.

I really suffered my God, I still have the scars on my body from the lashes I got from not just eating everything. I don’t do it right and it ended my life. Then he went to his room and started talking on the phone with his friend (I knew it was me but I didn’t understand the language) Aunt Ama I didn’t wink at night.

The next day my friend taunted me and told me I had booked a flight to Ghana and gave me $ 5700.

I did not survive and almost a year has passed. I am going to end my life. I do not know what to do. I made a complaint here to the police to arrest the lady but they kept shaking me, one of them told me it was also my fault “

3- The third Dubai Porta Porty is American

“I moved to Las Vegas 2 years ago to be a stripper as I’m so sexy and I have the biggest +2 money you can buy … about 6 months later a girlfriend of mine told me she convinced her to come to a hotel party with her after Rhino and we could make some money just by sleeping with a guy … so like a fool i went, i spent about 45 minutes with my boyfriend and boyfriend and i won $ 1750 … he has since run away. i charge a minimum of 2k and i booked one month in advance .. so i’m fine …

Last month I met Surrender’s prettiest girl and she told me she earns around 15-20k a weekend traveling the world with princesses, monarchs and other members of the royal family … I asked him how can I get in? And she told me that she is ready for anything … now i slept with 4 guys at the same time, and i like bad things … so i thought i was perfect for that …

So last Wednesday he calls me and asks me if I want to do 12k for 3 days in Saint-Tropez, but he tells me it might get a little weird? I was like how weird can it get? and 3 hours later, I’m on a private jet with 3 girls headed to Saint-Tropez.

I’m not going to say who we met with but let me tell you we get on a very very very nice yacht and it’s us 4 and about 15-17 guys easily over 50 … as soon as we walk in they tell us to fuck and start playing with ourselves … so we start playing with our toys and there are only a few guys in the room with us watching this and all of a sudden this guy started pissing on us, then tell me to open my mouth to him to pee? Did I freak out and go crazy? Like who pees on people?

I immediately told my friend that I wanted to freak out of this boat but they told me I have to wait until we get back to port and if I don’t participate I don’t get paid and I have to find my return flight … the thing that i saw these men doing these 3 girls doing it was crazy … from the gang fucking all the men on the boat, to some men defecating on the girls and pissing in their mouth … i couldn’t believe what they were doing .. . Now I’m at the airport wondering what I’m doing with my life and waiting to go back to America … Nik, if you meet a girl and who earns more than 10,000 with a client, you know you’re away from her. “

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