This Monday the future of the newspaper La Provence is at stake

Will Xavier Niel oppose CMA CGM’s takeover of the regional press group? This is the challenge of the board, in high tension, this Monday.

Xavier Niel will use his veto right to oppose the resumption of Provence from the CMA CGM shipowner? This is the challenge of Monday’s board of directors, which could open a new front in the battle between these two economic giants. For months, the global maritime transport giant and NJJ, the holding of Xavier Niel, founder of Free, have been fighting in court for control of the regional press group and its two leading newspapers, the Provence And Morning in Corsica.

The company, which employs around 850 people, is 89% owned by GBT, the holding company of former businessman Bernard Tapie, the remaining 11% already owned by NJJ, through its subsidiary Avenir Développement. But GBT has been in compulsory administrative liquidation since 2020. The two liquidators are therefore involved in this battle, with one goal: to obtain the best selling price for this 89%, in order to be able to pay the creditors and therefore the State.

Following a second tender, only that of the Marseille shipowner, the highest bidder, was withheld by the liquidators: CMA CGM had put on the table 81 million euros, against “about” 20 million NJJ. This offer has yet to pass the caudine of the board of directors: made up of five members, the latter must in fact unanimously approve the shipowner’s offer, by virtue of a so-called “approval”, or a right of veto. two representatives of Avenir Développement, whose purchase offer was rejected by the liquidator, and three of GBT: Stéphane Tapie, eldest son of the entrepreneur who died in October, the managing director of La Provence Jean-Christophe Serfati and the general secretary of il Virginie Layani group.

Risk of bankruptcy

To obtain the approval, required by the 1986 law guaranteeing the independence of printing companies, every newcomer to the capital must meet two conditions:the principle of non-concentration of the press” And “the social interest of the company“Reminds CMA CGM to AFP, believing that its offer meets these two criteria. “Our offer, maintains employment, maintains activity and has been validated by the six CSEs (Social and Economic Committee, ed.) de La Provence, five unanimously and sixth with ten votes out of 14“Says the owner. “The corporate interest of La Provence today is to have a new shareholder in good health who has received a favorable opinion from the CSE“Put another source next to the file at AFP.

In the event of rejection of the offer by the directors of Avenir Développement, the shadow of the conflict of interest would return to weigh on the file. This is also what motivated the suspension of the right of approval of Xavier Niel, both a minority shareholder of La Provence and a candidate for acquisition, by the Commercial Court of Marseille in January. Although the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal has since overturned this decision, it also acknowledged that there were,indisputable way“a”conflict of interestfor future development.

Therefore, Xavier Niel’s use, by some deemed abusive, of its veto right, could lead the judicial liquidators to take legal action, or even to withdraw the GBT shares from the sale. With the risk of company bankruptcy. For many employees, a blocking of the CMA CGM offer would still be synonymous with new delays in a sale that has already been pending for months. “If it is not approved, it starts again with an inextricable stalemate“She fears Sophie Manelli, elected to the National Union of Journalists (SNJ). Gold, “we no longer have time to wait, we really need a buyer, investments, a course“, He adds.

Like SNJ, the inter-union FO-CGT of Corse Matin and La Provence and the FOSNPEP trade union call the directors to their responsibilities, asking them to approve the shipowner’s offer. CFDT, CGT, CFE-CGC and FO Livre would have preferred to be able to compare the two purchase offers. “It is wrong to say that all employees and even a large majority would support the CMA CGM offering“Says Marie-Cécile Bérenger, CFDT representative.

However “if Xavier Niel really wants to acquire La Provence, he can, even by accepting the offer“, We note from a source close to the file:”He can either approve or acquire the newspaper, making use of his right of first refusal», Which allows him to win the bet, on condition, however, that he aligns himself with the price of his competitor.

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