This woman claims she saved £ 2,000 (€ 2,336!) By purchasing everything used, here’s her story!

A shopaholic who filled her wardrobe with second-hand clothes after deciding to stop buying new clothes says her savvy shopping habits have saved her £ 20,000.

Iso Neville, 24, raised in Westbury, Bristol but now living in central London, has vowed to only buy second hand in 2019 and ditched fast fashion brands like Boohoo for designers like Burberry, but without paying luxury prices. .

The social media manager now spends hours each week scouring charity shops, vintage markets, and online markets for the best deals.

One of her best purchases is a £ 1,500 Burberry trench coat which she bought for just £ 100 at a vintage flea market.

Iso estimates that he has saved £ 20,000 compared to what he would have done if he had purchased all of his second hand branded items in new condition.

Iso Neville, 24, (pictured) says he saved around £ 20,000 by buying second-hand designer clothes – with a £ 100 Burberry coat among his bargains.

Iso visits charity shops and searches online vintage markets for designer clothes at discounted prices, like her Acne Studios leather jacket bought for £ 100 at Vinted.

Iso said she bought clothes from fast fashion brands like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing every week while in college.

The thrifty shopper spends up to £ 150 a month on second-hand clothes from high-end brands.

She thinks it’s less than when she bought new clothes every week from fast fashion giants like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing – and says she’ll never come back.

Iso said: “When I was in college, I was shopping on fast fashion sites every week.

But I realized it made me look like everyone else and I felt like I lost some of my identity.

In 2019, therefore, I decided to only use second-hand products, because I realized that I could get much better quality and it was also better for the environment.

I use thrift shops and apps like Depop and Thrift Plus every day and shop for charity once a week.

I got some great clothes for a fraction of the original price – I figured I saved £ 20,000 compared to buying new clothes.

Iso said buying fast fashion seems to be losing its “identity”, while buying second-hand items is “much higher quality” and better for the environment.

Iso says it saved £ 20,000 by buying its second-hand branded items versus buying new ones.

Iso says she spends about the same amount of money on her used clothes as she does on new clothes on fast fashion sites.

I probably spend the same amount as when I bought it new on fast fashion sites, but the quality is much better.

Iso explained that in his youth he would walk to local charity shops rather than taking the bus to the retailers.

But that changed when she started at Roehampton University in 2016 and swapped her unique second-hand style with online fast fashion brands like Nastygal for convenience.

Although she could wear a new dress every night, she found that her style was changing due to her new shopping habits.

She said: “I realized that I look like everyone else.

I felt I had lost some of my identity.

So, in 2019, he promised to get rid of cheap fast fashion completely after he also realized the damage he was causing to the planet.

Iso bought a £ 1,500 Acne Studios leather jacket for just £ 100 from Vinted (pictured left), while his Burberry trench coat originally sold for £ 1,500 was bought for £ 100 (pictured right) at a flea market. vintage fleas in central London.

He said: “I realized that I could get much better fabrics and quality by buying second hand.”

Iso has now developed weekly routines to ensure that you always catch the best bargains and opportunities.

Use online marketplaces like Depop, Vinted and eBay every day to unearth used flights from top brands.

She also uses Thrift Plus, which she describes as “the secondhand Assott,” to help her find specific items on her wishlists.

Iso added that he goes to charity shops once a week.

Using her keen eye, she unearthed a £ 1,500 Acne Studios leather jacket for just £ 100 on Vinted.

He bought a vintage Maison Margiela coat, which retails for around £ 2,500, for just £ 25 from a charity shop in Balham.

Iso said he “constantly” sends his friends links to second-hand items they might like, because buying second-hand is easy and better for the planet.

Iso also picked up a Burberry trench coat that originally sold for £ 1,500 at a vintage flea market in central London.

The expert shopper never buys fast fashion, not even second-hand, because she prefers to save to buy designer clothes at ridiculous prices.

She said: “I don’t pay more than my friends who buy their dresses from Topshop, Zara or Boohoo.

I’m here for the best quality – I couldn’t buy a new £ 2,500 coat or access this quality of material within my budget.

Iso calculated that her savvy shopping habits saved her £ 20,000 compared to what she would have done if she had bought all of her new designer clothes.

I created a luxury style for myself based on the same budget as my fast fashion loving friends, ”said Iso.

I also keep an eye on things my friends might like. I am constantly sending them links.

The ISO said engaging in second-hand products might seem like a lot of effort, but it’s actually easy to do and it’s even better for the planet.

Iso said people think second-hand shopping is about used and scrapped items from Primark, but there are also some great items.

He said: “Even if I buy second hand, I don’t buy anything that I will only wear once.

And when I’m done wearing something, I’ll resell it online and contribute to the circular economy. “

Iso wants to change the way people think about second-hand and second-hand shopping, while encouraging more people to get involved as she did.

He added: “I think there is a misunderstanding, perhaps a taboo, about second-hand shopping.

People think these are just items used and discarded by Primark.

This is somewhat the case, but there are some really great articles too.

It doesn’t have to be a major commitment, just a quick trip to a charity shop on your way home from work.

“If you take a little time to research, you will find the right things.

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