What to do with the children this week? From 9 to 15

Spotlight on the European Night of Museums to discover free exhibitions and museum collections thanks to a multitude of activities. This back-to-school week will also feature a festival around Notre-Dame, nature gatherings, cinema, shows and music.

Heart attack

The Night of the Museums is celebrated with the family

The 18th edition of the European Night of Museums will be held on Saturday 14 May. Since nightfall, the museums and cultural institutions of Paris open their collections and exhibitions for free with a multitude of events. A good opportunity to bring your children to know these cultural riches thanks to a non-exhaustive selection of places to see with the family. ALL INFORMATION


Tumo, act for the environment

Extra-curricular and free, the TUMO school offers project cycles from 6 to 7 weeks, at the rate of 3 hours per week at the Accademia del Clima. The educational program is developed to raise awareness and take action on climate issues. From 11 to 25 May you will be offered two cycles of projects to choose from: “E-waste stop motion: making a stop motion video around electronic waste”
and “Speaker: organizing an awareness campaign”.

The Bernardino Festival

Three years after the fire that destroyed part of the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Collège des Bernardins hosts a free access and augmented reality exhibition and a program of events for everyone until July 17. This week, you can enjoy a family workshop that will take you on a wonderful journey to discover Notre-Dame de Paris through all the arts. On 14 and 15 May you will also participate in a film weekend to discover the film adaptations around Notre-Dame, from the novel by Victor Hugo to the recent film by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Walks and sports

Sundays at the Zoo

The Paris Zoological Park proposes a new offer suitable for all types of public: from 27 March to 6 November, the activities will be offered every Sunday and divided according to the age groups of the participants. This week, the zoo invites you as a family. Through this guided tour, participants encounter species with remarkable abilities, exploring their senses and testing their sensory limits.

garden birds

On the occasion of World Migratory Bird Day, Maison Paris Nature invites you to an introduction to participatory science “Garden birds”. With this participatory observatory, learn to recognize birds and to count them regularly in your garden, in a public garden or even on your balcony!

Insect shelters

To help insects live in often very artificial environments, insect sanctuaries offer the possibility for some species to complete part of their life cycle. Installed on your balcony or in your flower garden, your shelter will quickly welcome a multitude of species with various and beneficial ecological functions. Find out how to make it with Maison Paris Nature.


The Cinekids of May

From flat color sets to colorful costumes, discover films and special screenings (concert films, premieres, philosophy films, etc.) that are colorful! Immerse yourself in the world of Disney with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, the session will be followed by the creation of a fresco. Projection adventures of Baron Munchahausen will come to close the week.

Sandwich shop

At the Sandwich Club of the Studio des Ursulines we meet every three months to discuss a cult film, dissect some excerpts and more generally talk about… cinema! This new event invites you to (re) discover “Back to the Future” by Robert Zemeckis. Ready to travel through time in a DeLorean?

wizards, witches

The magic hovers over the screenings for the young audience of the Cinémathèque, who have decided to meet the most illustrious witches and wizards of cinema. This week, meet Karaba the witch and the world of Michel Ocelot with the screening of Kirikou and the witch.


Festive kiosks

Kiosques en Fête, there are more than 700 activities (music, readings, shows, etc.) to be discovered for free from April 16 until the end of the year in the kiosks of the Parisian green spaces. This week, rock at Jardin Nelson Mandela (1st) with Undercover. The group plays famous pop-rock songs, from the 80s to today (Oasis, U2, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Police, Nirvana…) and takes the audience to sing and dance with them.

Festive kiosks in Piazza Gardette

Awakening concert

In a one-hour format, the educational concerts of the Orchester Colonne offer the opportunity for young and old to discover the world of music in a different, simple and fun way, thanks to the insights and comments of the conductor. Raphaël Maillet (violin) and Ludovit Kovac (harpsichord) offer you, in association with the soloists of the Orchester Colonne, a dive into the heart of the early twentieth century and central Europe.

Special musical tale by Jules Verne

Philippe Imbert offers you an adaptation of the famous novel by Jules Verne: “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, in a form resulting from the encounter between two disciplines, fiction and music, and three artists. During this journey, the two heroes will discover places, music and sounds that they did not even suspect existed. Give him 8 years.


Louie are you there?

“Wolf are you there?” is a 30-minute duet dance show, performed outdoors, choreographed and directed by Magali Brito. Intended for children aged 6 months to 10 years, this show questions gender, the fear of the wolf and the moral of traditional tales. The two dancers, Magali Brito and Johanna Rebolledo Lucas, place the story, the art of oral narration and the “book” object at the center of the story, transposing it into dance.

Pin Pon and the little monsters

Pon, the fire brigade captain, tries to teach his student, firefighter Pin, life-saving skills. But the latter is more interested in his book on little monsters than in his first aid lessons. Captain Pon then sends him on a mission to a haunted house. Pin finds himself locked up there with several colorful characters. In order to escape them, he will have to answer, with the help of the children, riddles on the theme of the gestures that save …


1 hour, 1 myth: meet Narcissus

Ulysses, the Trojan War, Athena, Apollo … Who were these great heroes and gods of antiquity? Designed for young and old, this cycle invites you to travel through their exciting adventures with the art historian Cécile Lecan! Saturday 14 May at 11, let’s look at the impossible love that the beautiful Narcissus has for … the reflection of him.


It dries up in the Entr’espace! Capitaine futur wore her electromechanical dress, obviously headed for Électro-cité: a workshop led by Éléonore Sense, during which children playfully discover the computer code through a period of collaborative creation, to create the link between language programming and tangible materials. Ideal for a first approach!

Lisbon pop-up

As part of the France – Portugal 2022 season, children are invited to create a pop-up on the theme of a walk in Lisbon. The pop’up will come to life thanks to an overlapping game of planes, colors, shapes and patterns. The workshop will be led by Valérie Linder.

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