which hairstyle for your wedding according to your zodiac sign

The season of love 2022 has arrived. The time to say YES is approaching! If you’ve planned your wedding this summer of 2022, you’ve probably already planned your wedding suit. But you are missing an essential opinion in this choice: that of the stars.

Your zodiac sign is often very accurate in describing your personality! So why not imagine that the characteristics inherent in your zodiac sign can guide you towards the hairstyle of your dreams to go up to the altar and celebrate what could be the best day of your life?

Marriage 2022: here is the hairstyle to be adopted based on your zodiac sign


Your personality is strong and unique. You like to take risks and are able to attract attention with your bold choices. You love to experiment with new trends and embrace them brilliantly to make your look innovative, but totally suitable for any occasion. Here’s a classic hairstyle with a bold twist: the braided low bun in polar blonde. This hairstyle is a good compromise between your boldness and your desire to please.


You are sweet and elegant and your hairstyle will have to mirror it to be in your image. Quite classic in your outfits, but that won’t stop you from adding a rustic touch to show the world the natural connection you feel with nature. The perfect hairstyle for the Taurus woman: she twists with a low chignon, tied on the side of her by a magnificent Callas, a flower that represents purity and elegance.


You are friendly and bubbly. You have to communicate and your outfits say a lot about your joyful soul, beautiful Gemini! You will soon say yes and your hairstyle will need to reflect your free spirit! Adopt a minimalist hairstyle with floral barrettes on the sides like the winged god Mercury, who is also the ruling planet of your sign. An idea that will give you the flight you need for the big day.


Sensitive, intuitive, secret … Your image is like that of a mermaid, beautiful and mysterious. You are romantic and marriage is for you the pillar of the family you want to found with your soul mate. The dominant element of your sign is water. An ultra feminine and sophisticated hairstyle will be your best asset for this very important day. A twisted chignon decorated with white pearls will be your ideal hairstyle, because it will show your deep connection with this element, that of the eternal feminine.


You are the queen of the zodiac. Bright and energetic, you will be the center of attention. It will be your big day and you will be thrilled because you love sharing your solar energy with others. Your hairstyle should respect your wild and majestic nature. Like the lion, your mane will need to be loosened to be seen and decorated with small discreet flowers so as not to steal the show. Also bet on gorgeous golden highlights will be perfect this season to capture the light of the king star, your main planet on your hair.

A real star!


You are reserved, discreet and elegant at your fingertips. Your wedding will undoubtedly be an unforgettable event for those around you, because your sense of organization and duty will leave no detail to chance. Go for a hairstyle in your image, simple and distinct. A square above the shoulders so that you can appreciate your neck, just raised to the side with beautiful golden brooches. This hairstyle will look great with beautiful matching earrings. The timeless chic of sobriety will have its effect as your delicate charm.


Live for your image and often dress with taste. Aware of fashion trends, but also of beauty, your skincare routine is like those of the biggest Hollywood stars. Your silky, well-groomed hair will be highlighted with this very trendy wavy hairstyle. The glamor of a headband, studded with diamonds, will be the final touch to be the most beautiful to go dancing.


You are sensual and determined. An intense and wise woman, with many shades and a sober look. However, you never go unnoticed, because you know the devil is in the details. Your hairstyle should be both complex and practical. Wisely messy braids in the back of your head will be the perfect balance between your charming personality and your measured style.


Your courage is like that of the centaur. You are playful and your style is chic but practical. Accessories would be just a hindrance for you when it comes to having fun, dancing and jumping for joy on your wedding day. Two gorgeous Indian braids will lighten your face and resist the heat and your overflowing, casual energy!


Your character is strong and determined. Your wedding will be a moment of maximum fulfillment for you. You carry family values ​​within you. Like a princess, you want to dedicate yourself to this union according to the rules of art. You will look perfect with a low, well rounded and perfectly pulled bun. The charm of this hairstyle lies in a perfect finish. No protruding hair will be tolerated. A challenging hairstyle, just like you. The rhinestone hair clip will bring the princely touch you deserve.

You will look Grace Kelly in looks and hairstyle.


You try to stand out because you are original and unique. Your ruling planet Uranus is the one that represents rebellion and change according to astrology. Here is a look that has everything to please you, because it is disruptive and elegant. Bet on bold coloring and a trendy hairstyle that will catch all eyes. You can add a gold hair clip to play with the contrast of your dazzling color, without going overboard.


You are dreamy and magical in nature. Your charm is endearing, enigmatic and this is your greatest charm. You will be totally in tune with your personality with a bohemian and relaxed low ponytail, without sacrificing elegance and glamor. Add a touch decorated with leaves and flowers on the front to enhance your natural charm and your presence and that’s it!

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