Without pressure, the Stado takes care of its latest outing

The Tarbai can go on vacation with the feeling of accomplishment after a good performance against a team that will play the final stages.

We must be wary of appearances, which are sometimes misleading. Take for example this Stadium – Albi: little interest on the card for Tarbais where Sporting could, in case of victory, win a direct qualification in the semifinals. In such a context, to see the Pyrenees, already on vacation, much more conquerors than the Tarnais this Sunday, is a nice little surprise. “This week I could not know if the boys could have changed mentally in this match, admits Fabien Fortassin, coach of the three quarters of the stadium. I was hoping, they made it and honestly it is very strong.”

A more conquering stadium without pressure

In a season, the Stadium obviously cannot be compared to the SCA. But in a match, the bigourdan bear manages to hit some well-felt claws … So it was yesterday, especially in the first period, one-way, for the stadium. After two major warnings (Maximin, 7th; Duffau 14th), Tarbes’ intentions were rewarded after Thomas Millet’s superb work for a Maxime Oltmann who sneaked into the rat hole on the right side (5-0, 16 °).

Albi shows nothing, if not too much slag like these two touches lost in quick succession at 22 meters from Tarbes as the interval approaches. “There was not one sector to catch up with the other and from there we were not invited, Mathieu Bonello, the Albigensian manager abounds. What bothers me is not the result, but the performance. We ate ourselves in the game. impact and I can’t quite understand why “.

Worse at 15 to 13

Also incomprehensible is the empty passage of the Stadium to 15 against 13 in the second period. In numerical superiority, Tarbes did not manage to widen the gap, Mathieu Berbizier missed two a priori affordable penalties, while the bigourdan collective was too uninspired to nail the game. Worse still, the SCA managed, momentarily, to get back in the game. The arrival of Quentin Pilet was the catalyst for the awakening of the Tarn, like this impeccable foot service for Avenisi Vasuinubu, who only had to flatten (11-8, 56 °). With good dynamics, the Albigensians weren’t able to ride the wave any more. Enough to fuel regrets because the Stadium would no doubt have struggled to finish if it were put under pressure.

Much better the men of the Ducos – Fortassin duo who gave themselves some respite on a last attempt by Maxime Oltmann against the poles (14-8, 73 °) while Ugo Croquet missed the break point a few moments before (70 ° ). “At 11-8 we could have been scared, but the lads kept playing and I think the score could have been much more in our favor,” adds Fabien Fortassin. For example, playing without pressure is fine. And with a win at the end of the season, Tarbes closes his 2021-22 fiscal year in 10th place. “We are in a position that corresponds to our means knowing that we have optimized everything we could”, is satisfied the president of the stadium Lionel Terré at the time of the budget.

The post-match atmosphere was festive in the bigourdan locker room while there was some grimace soup in front of the Albigensians. Relative enough of course, because unlike Tarbes, the SCA is not on vacation and is in the running for the climb.

tarbes 14 Register 8

MT: 11-0; referee: Mr. Santamaria (Occitania).

For Tarbes: 1 E Oltmann (16), 3 P Berbizier (32), Oltmann (40, 73).

For Albi: 1E Vasuinubu (57), 1P Queheille (55).

Score evolution: 5-0, 8-0, 11-0 / 11-3, 11-8, 14-8.

TARBE: Oltmann; Paulet, Cantan (Croquet, 52), Vakacegu, Duffau; (o) Berbizier, (m) Millet (Dulucq, 65); Ricart (Sajous, 63), Manu (Mansieux, 77), Real; Maximin (Saint-Guilhem, 63), Maninoa; Aulika (Erasmus, 41), Mondon (Lamothe, 63), Bessonart (Combier, 63).

Excluding. Time. : Ricardo (53).

ALBI: Marzocca (Couchinave, 55); Decrop, Robinson (Pilet, 55), Silafai Leaana, Vasuinubu; (o) Vidal (Pouzouillic, 22-24 then 55)), (m) Queheille; Essid (Maciotta, 67), Maciotta (Engelbrecht, 49), Calas; Backhouse (Foures, Duffaut, 65), André (chap.); Gvaladze (Afatia, 55), Castant (Venter, 51), Escur (Dedieu, 52).

Excluding. Time. : Queheille (42), Essid (45).





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