A 92-year-old man was about to be evicted by his daughter from the house he had built 56 years earlier

In a heartbreaking turn of events, an elderly man was about to be evicted by his daughter from his home, where he had lived for more than 50 years, when an unexpected event occurred. Read on to find out how things turned out for this older man.

Having a heart that cares for others costs nothing, but it can make a huge difference in people’s lives. In times of uncertainty and chaos, showing kindness to one another can be a heart-warming gesture.

You may have heard moving stories of young people helping the elderly, and today’s story sheds light on a similar theme.


John Jack Potter, a WWII veteran in Ohio, didn’t know he would live long enough to see the day when his flesh and blood turned against him. But when he finally came that tragic day, he was shocked and heartbroken.

Potter served in active combat in the Aleutian countryside. In addition to serving his country, he also served as the Vinton County Sheriff, Mayor of Zaleski, Ohio, a retired Chief Shipping Officer of the B&O Railroad Company, and a Master Freemason for 65 years.

But despite his many accolades, nothing prepared Potter for what lay ahead. His ordeal began in 2004 when he and his late wife bestowed a general power of attorney on their daughter, Janice Cottrill.

A BIG setback

At the time, Mr. Potter was battling a serious health problem. He and his wife made this decision in case their health deteriorates in the future. The elderly couple also left Mrs. Cottrill to take care of her autistic adult brother, Joe.

To Mr. Potter’s surprise, Mrs. Cottrill used the power of attorney to transfer the house to her name as a gift for herself. The situation worsened when father and daughter discussed Joe’s visiting rights after Ms. Cottrill took care of him in 2008.

A shocking revelation

But in 2010, Potter and his niece, Jaclyn Fraley, were stunned when they learned of the deed’s transfer. Soon after, Mrs. Cottrill and her husband, Dean, attempted to drive Mr. Potter out of his home in Zaleski, Ohio, which he had built 56 years earlier.

The WWII veteran was stunned and utterly devastated as he faced the deportation of his daughter and son-in-law. Mrs. Fraley was also shocked when she learned that Mr. Cottrill wanted to place Mr. Potter in a nursing facility.

Potter reportedly tried to pass the power of attorney to his niece, Fraley, but it was too late to reverse the deed’s transfer. When Fraley, then 35, saw the eviction notice, he said his mother and stepfather’s behavior deeply upset her.


A heartbroken Fraley revealed that she hoped her mother would act with care and compassion despite family strife and that she would let her father spend his last days at her home. But when Cottrill took the other route, Fraley was devastated.

Mr. Potter and his attorney offered Ms. Cottrill $ 60,000 to buy back the house, but she turned down the offer. The elder said he was initially reluctant to provide more than the market value for the house.

But Mrs. Fraley knew how important the home was to her grandfather, mainly due to the deterioration of his health. So, in May 2013, she went to Facebook and recounted her painful incident, asking veterans and anyone else to help her with her donations.


Fraley organized a GoFundMe fundraiser and asked people to show their love and support for Potter. Netizens welcomed her touching post on Facebook and donations started pouring into Potter. In her post, Fraley writes:

“My grandfather, John J. Potter, 91, is a WWII veteran. He was kicked out of the house by his own daughter so she can sell her house and get the money. I’m her granddaughter and I’m looking to buy. her daughter’s home to prevent eviction. “

Along with the crowdsourcing site, Fraley also posted videos of his grandfather, then 91, telling old war stories on YouTube. The woman managed to raise nearly $ 140,000.


The money was enough to get Potter’s house back, and the rest of the money went to Potter’s general health and well-being. Ms. Fraley said she screamed for ten seconds and started crying when she heard the news. Potter also expressed:

“I want to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped me. It wasn’t a person, it wasn’t a hundred, but more than five thousand people and I certainly appreciate them more than they will ever know.”


Asked about the price at which Potter’s house was purchased, Fraley refused to share the exact figure, but said it was “five figures” and more than his grandfather’s previous offer, which was turned down at $ 60,000.

Thanks to a loving and kindhearted niece like Fraley, Potter reclaimed his home and escaped the likely fear of his daughter’s eviction. Sadly, on January 7, 2014, Potter left this world for his heavenly home. Fraley’s Facebook post said:

“Ce soir à 18h40, Grand-père nous a quitté pour briller parmi les étoiles du ciel. J’étais à ses côtés et je lui tenais la main lorsqu’il s’est éteint. The evening à jamais dans nos cœurs et veillera sur we”.


Ms. Fraley added that her grandfather was the smartest, strongest and bravest man she had ever known. Her heartfelt message was received with much love by netizens, many of whom shared their condolences and encouraging comments for the deceased soul.

Indeed, the deep connection and love between Potter and Fraley will go down in history and we are so happy to hear about this phenomenal grandson-grandfather duo. If you enjoyed reading this story, please share it with your family and friends.

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