alcohol, his health, his new album … For his 70th birthday, the singer confides

RENAUD. Singer Renaud is in the spotlight on France 2 this Tuesday, May 10, 2022, on the “Happy Birthday Renaud” program, at the dawn of his 70th birthday. In the press, the interpreter of “Mistral winner” described his new life between projects and eternal anxieties …

[Mis à jour le 10 mai 2022 à 20h52] “Happy birthday Renaud. “On the eve of the singer’s 70th birthday, France 2 puts Renaud in the spotlight with a special program, airing from 21:10 Told by Jean-Paul Rouve, actor and Renaud’s friend, the evening will see a host of artists on the stage of the Dôme de Paris, who came to perform some of the greatest songs of “Mister Renard”.

Renaud will be well surrounded for this evening: Patrick Bruel, Axelle Red, Jean-Louis Aubert, Claire Keim, Renan Luce, Zaz, Bénabar, Vincent Delerm, Dave, Tryo, Raphaël, Élodie Frégé, Calogero, Gauvain Sers, Noé Preszow or Benoît Dorémus are expected. Among their services will be broadcast several archive images of Renaud, who will also be present on the stage of the Dôme de Paris.

Renaud will perform Manhattan Kabul with Axel Rosso, The Ballad of Northern Ireland with Jean-Louis Aubert e Mistral winner with the Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières at the end of the show, according to Télé-Loisirs magazine.

On the occasion of this 70th anniversary and the release of his new album, Renaud spoke extensively to the press about his health and state of mind. If he claims to be well or otherwise better, the singer confided in particular on the columns of Parisian, on May 5, that these 70 years have not enchanted him: “70 years, he doesn’t water, I despair. I don’t like it. Aging is a shipwreck. “. Tormented eternal, he also evokes “stress, life, the loss of childhood, the anxiety of aging, not seeing growth [s]es children “, but also” fragile friendship and impossible love “. Arguments that seem to haunt him and that today he explicitly cites to explain his addictions. The registration of the France 2 program that he gave him on May 10 was difficult in itself: Renaud lets go of being “terrified”, before finally letting himself “be carried away by the enthusiasm of the public”.

A sign of this desire to move forward, despite the obstacles, Renaud also revealed a week ago to RTL that he wanted to record two new albums, another cover album later. metic (see below) and a song album of his own. Politics (Poutou voted in the first round of presidential elections then Macron “pinching his nose”) or the death of Yvan Colonna could give him inspiration, while by his own admission ideas are lacking. “I’ve only written two new songs so far … One is about George Floyd’s murder, ‘8 mins 30 to die’, and the other is rock, inspired by a Margerin comic, ‘Je want a Harley'”, he repeated to the Parisian.

Five days before his 70th birthday, Renaud is back. The singer released a new album titled metic and made up of thirteen titles, which are not new songs, but top-level covers. “I had this idea for several years. I sang some of them to warm my voice on tour and told myself I would record them one day. And then in Isle-sur-Sorgue (Vaucluse), where I live almost a year-round. , I was bored, I had no inspiration for a new record. I said to myself: ‘Now is the time’. I made a list of about fifteen titles that have marked me “, confides the artist again in Le Parisien, evoking” songs, who scored [s]us childhood and [s]For the life.”

Renaud therefore proposes a new version of thirteen songs, of which The Metecby George Moustaki, The cherry season by Yves Montand Friendshipby Francoise Hardy, The mad wail by Charles Trénet or even If you buy me a drink, borrowed from Serge Reggiani and whose clip was unveiled on March 31st. We discovered Renaud, leaning against a table in the Lux Bar, on the Butte Montmartre, in front of his friend, the actor Jean-Paul Rouve.

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