Amel Bent (The Voice) stunning in this sublime outfit at a colossal price!

Episodes are linked every Saturday on the channel TF1 in The voice. In a few weeks, fans of the show will be able to experience live talent for the first time. A real challenge for candidates. In addition, with each new issue, fans of the program also discover the new pieces of Amel Bent, more and more trendy, each other. During his pregnancy, he always wore clothes that emphasized his nice round belly. Check out the orange dress that made her perfect.

The voice : Amel Bent pregnant and on top of fashion!

Fans of The voice they were able to follow the whole evolution of Amel Bent’s pregnancy live. One thing is certain, even when you are pregnant you can be sexy and wear very trendy outfits. A few weeks ago, the singer gave birth to her third child. One little boy after two little girls. But, in addition to this happiness, he also has risks in her personal life. Her husband, Patrick Antonelli, in fact, has just returned to prison and her prince had to be hospitalized in an emergency a few days after his birth.

As episodes of The voice they were shot early, well before delivery, we can still see Amel Bent with her rather rounded silhouette. It will only be during live broadcasts that viewers will see her again without her belly pregnant with her.

An orange dress that drove the spectators crazy

The phase of the cross battles in The voice has happened in the last two weeks. The least we can say is that Amel Bent has caught all eyes with her momentum-giving dress. The trainer was in fact dressed in a bustier and a matching skirt from the luxury brand Dolce Gabbana. She also wore platform sandals. A very summery set as the shows were recorded at the end of the winter season.

This Saturday, May 7, 2022, the super cross battles were broadcast. The coach of The voice wanted to continue this summer dynamic by choosing an orange dress and combining it with heels. So, this beautiful bright color really brought out her beautiful tanned skin. During her pregnancy, Amel Bent looked beautiful and looked good. A dream pregnancy as we dream of.

This is Amel’s Instagram account. Fashion that presented the outfit of the French star. Indeed, fashionistas can get inspired and find the outfits of the coach of The voice on this page. The latter lists the singer’s different looks. For this orange dress, it is a choice of the designer Jérôme Baud. Her dress and accessories belong to the brands Galvan And Amina Muaddi. The latter are less known to the French public, but highly regarded by our British neighbors.

What is the price of Amel Bent’s dress? The voice ?

During the period of blind hearings in The voice, Amel Bent had chosen clothes accessible to the greatest number. This time for the battles, he wears more expensive and more luxurious clothes. In fact, his set of Dolce Gabbana worth 2,265 euros. In the latest installment, her orange dress is sold for 825 euros and her matching mules are also in this price range, which is 850 euros. So a total amount for the outfit of 1,675 euros.

During the next stage of the competition The voice, Amel Bent will perform on stage. As this is the first live shoot, she will no longer be pregnant. In fact, you will find the outline of the coach of The voice in front of her round belly! See you next Saturday on the canal TF1 !

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