An open squat on Quai Jacoutot, in the former customs office of the port of Strasbourg

A Georgian family and several homeless people occupy a house near the Robertsau waste disposal center. The squat would open in late April.

“My youngest son, they call him the mini Messi in Georgia. Aleksi (name changed) arrived in Strasbourg with his wife and two children on 5 May. After two days on the street, he found refuge in a house near the Robertsau waste disposal center, quai Jacoutot. Despite the lack of running water and the countless difficulties in his situation, the former ambulance driver quickly talks about what is most important to him. His 15-year-old son translates: “My children are excellent footballers. I want them to join a club and become professional footballers soon. The man with a bruise on his forehead fled after an assault and death threats linked to a “family conflict”. In the next room, his wife is sweeping.

About ten people have found refuge in this former house occupied by customs (Photo GK / Rue89 Strasbourg / cc)

In front of the White House, several shirtless men unload a truck of the Solidariteam association. It’s 4pm on Monday 9 May. A young man nicknamed “Souris” exclaims: “We have the refills for a twin continent! To the right of the entrance, a room is filled with about thirty crates of food. Controversial former founder of the Hôtel de la rue in Koenigshoffen, Edson Laffaiteur replies that squat dwellers need to be well fed.

He entered “through an already broken window” with two homeless people, he has occupied the premises since April 30 and plans to host about twenty people in the two-storey building: “The first is intended for families. Another is expected to arrive at 7pm. Above is reserved for singles. According to our observations, eight people live there. Two rooms remain.

The squat is located right on the Seveso site. (Photo Guillaume Krempp / Rue89 Strasbourg / cc)

Homeless for four years, Jonathan (the name has been changed) does not complain of the deterioration of the house. He tells of many squats where he lived without water or electricity in Lyon, before being interrupted by a man in a black tank top in the middle of the bins of the nearby recycling center: “What are you doing here? Are you an association? It is Seveso classified here, you will be kicked out. ”

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Back inside, Jonathan tells the scene to Edson, who replies: “You should have told him we are an association! It doesn’t matter if no law has been filed. The self-proclaimed “borer” (it says on the back of his shirt) bluffs at will, with more or less success. His latest attempt to occupy him, in the Meinau district, was unsuccessful. The former homeless man prefers to boast that he was the origin of the Hôtel de la Rue (all our articles to read here), a squat that could exist for almost three years, before leading to the relocation of a hundred inhabitants thanks to the efforts of a small collective that ran the La Roue Tourne association and all its partners, including the city of Strasbourg.

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